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to update my FB status to married during wedding service

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Jasonthunderpants Fri 23-Jul-10 20:34:13

We are getting married in a few weeks and would it be chavy to stop the service to update our FB status,afterall this is a news as it happens world and I am a fast living up to date kind of guy

stainesmassif Sun 25-Jul-10 19:59:49

i don't think jason really thinks he's going to do it. I am interested to hear what mrs jt has to say about it though.

Quality Sun 25-Jul-10 09:38:02

grin at you thinking YABU too.

duchesse Sun 25-Jul-10 09:17:37

Ok, that was 3 words. I got carried away.

duchesse Sun 25-Jul-10 09:17:16

In one word, OP, Not "chavvy" but crass, shallow and undignified, yes.

marcopront Sun 25-Jul-10 09:10:36

A friend of mine uploaded photos in the early hours of the morning after her wedding. She does have a lot of friends overseas but....

Glitterknickaz Sun 25-Jul-10 00:32:19

Ohhhhh criiiiiinge

Monty100 Sun 25-Jul-10 00:31:07

Gen - me too grin.

Lady - but on your wedding day??

How sad is it? shock

ladysybil Sun 25-Jul-10 00:21:13

it seems to be a real thing with all my younger cousins. updatedig fb relationshipp status every five minutes.

GenevieveHawkings Sun 25-Jul-10 00:00:48

If you do this you are not being unreasonable - just really cringey and I'm glad I'm not marrying you.

Jasonthunderpants Sat 24-Jul-10 20:55:50

I cant believe people think this is a good idea

I think IABU

thursday Fri 23-Jul-10 23:42:03

i got married a few weeks ago. facebook was the last thing from mine or my husbands minds. i think i changed mine the next day. i suppose some of you guests might laugh, but think of the grandmas. for the love of god, someone think of the grandmas!

BaronessBomburst Fri 23-Jul-10 23:00:37



MilkNoSugarPlease Fri 23-Jul-10 22:58:21

Do It!!

Love it

nattiecake Fri 23-Jul-10 22:56:16

my husband did actually update his in between the wedding and the reception! i thought it was kinda sweet

WillowM2B Fri 23-Jul-10 22:47:51

Make it more interesting and change it to "single" or "its complicated".

Wordsonascreen Fri 23-Jul-10 22:47:42

Won't all your friends (ie facebook buds) be at your wedding.. thus negating the update quandry?

valiumSingleton Fri 23-Jul-10 22:46:25

why not?! it won't take long. upload a photo while you're at it.

SirBoobAlot Fri 23-Jul-10 22:46:08

Do it! Am make sure you then come on here to tell us you've done it...

Maybe even get the vicar / register to pose for a picture with you as proof? grin

oopsandbabycoconuts Fri 23-Jul-10 22:45:02

Jason, I was wondering where you were, you have been a bit quiet this week

Alambil Fri 23-Jul-10 22:43:34

my sister will do this at some point, maybe not during the church bit, but not long after I rekon... if my mum finds out, she's gonna go ape!

ArseHolio Fri 23-Jul-10 22:41:34

Well it was the reception actually not the wedding proper.


Quality Fri 23-Jul-10 22:38:56

Yes. YABU. anyone who gives a shit cares will be at the wedding

Monty100 Fri 23-Jul-10 22:34:22

Cool as in............


ArseHolio Fri 23-Jul-10 22:24:26

I did it at my wedding !

So did DH..and our Iphones do match grin

All the cool people do wink

Have a lovely day

suwoo Fri 23-Jul-10 22:18:06

Has already been done. I remember seeing it on youtube, but am too tired pissed to search.

If it was me, yeah I so would. I am avid facebooker though.

Have a great day.

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