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to find it really funny when grown ups blank me

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2shoes Fri 16-Jul-10 15:49:01

I fell out with this dad at dd's sn school a few years ago, he threw his toys out of the pram and him and his wife stopped talking to me(I knew his wife quite well)
years on they still blank me.
(it was over a web site he wanted to set up but no one wanted to join, so nothing I really did iynwim)
aibu to lol at this?

sharbie Fri 16-Jul-10 15:51:08

I go out of my way to talk to people who do this sometimes as I think its quite funny

sapphireblue Fri 16-Jul-10 15:53:45

it is funny and very childish...only problem is it makes me want to behave in a childish fashion too by having a right go at them about it!

IFancyKevinELevin Fri 16-Jul-10 15:57:05

I get accused of blanking people all the time, as I am usually in my own little world, without my specs on....grin

Grown-ups doing it is fairly tragic. Doesn't sound as if you are missing out on much really OP, apart from extra earache.

Now bugger off, I'm not speaking to any of you.

<<flounces off>>

MadreInglese Fri 16-Jul-10 15:57:09

my idiot ex does this to my close friends, it's quite hilarious

one of my best friends delights in a gushing HELLOOOOO! whenever she bumps into him

she once surprised him in a sandwich shop and he tripped over someone's briefcase in his hurry to get out of the door grin

Harimo Fri 16-Jul-10 15:59:27

I always wave at my Dh's ex when I see her.

She never sees me.

IFancyKevinELevin Fri 16-Jul-10 16:00:58

Can I just add, after not talking to me for nearly 20 years for going out with someone she disapproved of, my own mother does this to me, in my DB's wedding 16 years ago, (even in the photo's she wouldn't stand next to me), and during my Auntie's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Kind of got embarrassing when she saw my DS playing with other family kids and said out loud to my Auntie "Who's child is that?"

Auntie replied "Err, that's your grandchild..."

And she still continued to blank me for the remainder of the evening....

Comewhinewithme Fri 16-Jul-10 16:02:58

Well my own dsis and close friend blank me at the school gates every afternoon hmm.
Yesterday as I walked past the old friend even did that laugh (you know which I mean the one groups of girls do at primary when the girl they don't like walks past) grin [sigh].

I did consider running across shouting "I'm telling Mummy on you" but rose above it.

thesunshinesbrightly Fri 16-Jul-10 16:05:40

So childish, i love it!!

Harimo Fri 16-Jul-10 16:07:34

comewhinewithme - has that still not been resolved? sad

Comewhinewithme Fri 16-Jul-10 16:11:28

No I'm past caring now .

Harimo Fri 16-Jul-10 16:17:31

Oh, sad for you.

I remember your thread about it. Did you ever get to the bottom of it? I'm guessing not.

Comewhinewithme Fri 16-Jul-10 16:18:38

No just a lot of you said/she said stuff all quite petty really.

Sorry for hijack blush.

insertwittynicknameHERE Fri 16-Jul-10 16:19:23

Ahhhhh my brother does this to me, all because he offered to do some DIY work for DH and I while DH was at work. We accepted, paid him, full wack by the way. He couldn't be arsed in the end despite us having already paid him the full amount.
So I said not to bother and we will get someone else in, he can keep the money cos I don't want any arguments about it etc.

DH and I used savings to pay the guy we were originally getting in to do said work, in fact our bill from qualified guy was less what we had paid my brother.

Mum and dad had a go at me over it all hmm apparently I was childish. SO I told them in the end that I no longer care. Subsequently mum, dad & myself have a strained relationship. Brother wont talk to me and blanks me completely now, I am happy cos now I don't have to bother with the childish git.

2shoes Fri 16-Jul-10 16:38:19

people are strange,
the bloke has spoke to me, probably cos once I did "*hello Fred*" in a loud cheery voice as you do(he is not called fred)
but when they are together.......blank pmsl

vintagegirl1985 Thu 22-Oct-15 11:26:43

someone at school similar to this.
I,m a happy go lucky person makes conversation with her and she just blanks me and too much of a strain for her to reply back. Even no eye contact. What is it , jealousy / don,t like me / my youngest has learning difficulties ??? Who knows... Yes it hurts, but why do people do this. My other half told me it ain,t family, close friends and this person isn,t important in our life. Still hurts though

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