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lying supermarkets must think i am stupid,the great green pepper scam pt 2

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Jasonthunderpants Sat 10-Jul-10 21:46:03

My original story was
My bag of mixed peppers contained far more green than stated on the packet 34%green 33%red and 33% orange

I am sorry i dont know how to do the link thing

Anyway a few days ago we got a new bag and I divided the peppers into there colours and low and behold the green peppers came out at about 60% with the remaining 40% red and orange

Are the supermarkets allowed to con us like this? I dont want to take them back and complain as they might think I am a bit sad

It just makes me so cross

bytheMoonlight Sat 10-Jul-10 21:48:16

I can understand your point.

However I think it may be time to step away from the peppers

SloanyPony Sat 10-Jul-10 21:48:50

Oh you must. Send it to them in writing, photographing the evidence. Sign it "disgusted, of [insert town here]"

You know you want to.

ruddynorah Sat 10-Jul-10 21:49:28

oh gosh the time it took you to sort your peppers you could have gone and bought your favourite colour peppers and chopped them and frozen them grin

IFancyKevinELevin Sat 10-Jul-10 21:49:40

Wow, you have a lot of time on your hands.

Are you really, really cross?

Like someone knocked you over skiing, and left you for dead on a precipice, cross?

paisleyleaf Sat 10-Jul-10 21:50:19

You're quite right.
But was the bag not transparent so you could see them before you bought them?

belledechocolatefluffybunny Sat 10-Jul-10 21:50:30

you know if you leave a pepper it changes colour?

Jasonthunderpants Sat 10-Jul-10 21:51:40

cross, cross if you only knew

I am getting more wound up everytime I think about it

oooooh I could stamp

onepieceoflollipop Sat 10-Jul-10 21:54:37

Did you buy online or in the shop.

If in the shop then why on earth didn't you check (or summon an assistant to check if you didn't want to open the bag)

If you bought online, some supermarkets allow you to make a comment/request on the order. That would have been your chance. Failing that you should have mentioned it to the delivery driver (who would have gone like this to you; hmm) and refused them if there were too many green.

Surely they will never get exact proportions?

It sounds like you need something else to worry about.

Galena Sat 10-Jul-10 21:55:33

Just to clarify, I seem to remember they are frozen sliced peppers, not just a bag of whole fresh ones that you would be able to see into, and certainly not about to ripen!

As for complaints - yeah, I think I would. They shouldn't be able to get away with it.

IFancyKevinELevin Sat 10-Jul-10 21:56:09

stamp then...on that bastard extra green pepper.


Jasonthunderpants Sat 10-Jul-10 21:56:20

We bought online and the bag is not transparent

Jasonthunderpants Sat 10-Jul-10 21:57:47

yes the bag is frozen sliced mixed peppers

sorry for the confusion I should of said

stillsurprised Sat 10-Jul-10 21:58:09

I think I love you grin

Can you not write to David Cameron? He has asked for ideas for economic recovery surely sorting out the frozen peppers would be a start?

onepieceoflollipop Sat 10-Jul-10 21:59:05

tbh if we are expected to know/remember from a previous thread that we are talking about frozen peppers then I feel like going a bit hmm myself.

Jason are you having a laugh about this (I'm hoping you are) or are you stressed about something else? It's a bit odd to be so bothered.

IFancyKevinELevin Sat 10-Jul-10 21:59:41

Well they just turn to an inferior mush in a stir fry and shouldn't even be brought up in an adult conversation.

Shame on you, go into the corner and and flagellate yourself with the aforementioned bag.

Jasonthunderpants Sat 10-Jul-10 22:01:23

bed time calls

we took the kids to a fire station open day today and got a firemans helmet for the kids so I am going to put it on and give DW a good seeing to and I can keep my socks on


thisisyesterday Sat 10-Jul-10 22:02:06

people on here, and in real life, may well think you are sad

I however, think it is wrong. and I would write to teh manufacturer and ask what they'r eplaying at
i know the percentages are only approximate, but this is hugely out. I think we established on the previous thread that green peppers are cheaper to grow and this is clearly why they do it.

why not just SAY approx 60% green, 20% red 20% yellow on the pack? why the need to lie??? hmmmm????

i would also tell them you'll be talking to trading standards

i am not even joking.

onepieceoflollipop Sat 10-Jul-10 22:02:28

Look, years ago on here someone bought some sort of veggie dinner. (chilli iirc). It turned out to have a chunk of (veggies look away now) meat in it. The worst thing (imo) was that after a long and traumatic experience the people investigating concluded that it wasn't one of the four "main" meats (cow, pig, lamb and sorry about this bit, horse) They concluded it could have been human flesh or perhaps some other mammal not usually eaten (dog or rat or summat)

That would bother me more than disproportionate pepper portions tbh.

IFancyKevinELevin Sat 10-Jul-10 22:03:30

Please abtain from any quips involving your "big hose" or "shiny red helmet" during intercourse or she may beat your personal pepper until it's red enough to even out the discrepancy.

Bernieishoneydragonsnemisis Sat 10-Jul-10 22:03:52

Why not just buy a pizza with the peppers on jason? Isn't that the only reason you buy them?

onepieceoflollipop Sat 10-Jul-10 22:04:21

Jason if you don't mind me saying so I'm thinking that a bit of distraction with your dw might be better than all of this ruminating about frozen veggies.

fgs don't buy a bag of that rice with veg. 40% rice, 30% broccoli and 30% sweetcorn. Would take you most of the week to count the grains. wink

Bernieishoneydragonsnemisis Sat 10-Jul-10 22:04:52

<sobs gently as realises she does remember the last thread ....aaaargh the shame>

Jasonthunderpants Sat 10-Jul-10 22:04:58

I make very nice pizza,that is why

SagacityNell Sat 10-Jul-10 22:05:56

This is still bothering you?



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