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Boots Food Intolerance Testing

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pickypicky Mon 11-Jun-12 11:47:07

Has anyone tried it?

When DH was a dairy and wheat free for many years due to rhinitis and other symptoms.

As long as I've known him (14 years) he has always had issues such as constipation, bloating, diahorrea etc.

He had a colonoscopy a few years ago that came back clear and once that happened the GP he was seeing didn't offer any further suggestions or any treatment.

I think he may have IBS but he thinks it may be the food intolerance again.

We are in Ireland and do not have free health care. It would be very expensive for him to go through the GP etc for allergy/intolerance testing.

I noticed today that out local Boots is now offering Food Intolerance Testing and I wondered if anyone has used this service and what they think of it.

If it comes back negative for Food Intolerances I would definitely have a stronger case for getting him to see a GP.

pickypicky Mon 11-Jun-12 11:47:53

Meant to add that it is a blood test and can screen for 40 or 93 food intolerances.

eragon Mon 11-Jun-12 19:02:19

does it use IgG as a measure of testing, if so, that isnt that reliable. I wouldnt use it.

for instance, when docs studied the igG of peanut eating african children, they had very high levels, but not one had a intolerence problem with that food.

rhinitus is often caused by ige environmental allergies, get a rast blood test for those from the GP. (would that cost too much?)
If test come back positive, esp to dustmite , normal treatment is nasel sprays, and anthihistamine and removing the high levels of dustmite in the bedroom or home.

i am on a exclusion diet for my ibs, and the gp might be able to help you with that, choose a younger gp in practice btw!
lots of fruit and veg do cause terrible ibs btw!
i eat potato, rice, broccolli and mushrooms, and blueberries and bananas , with lean protein, and am low wheat and low dairy (that changes depending on control.)

ClaireOB Tue 12-Jun-12 09:19:38

echoing eragon, there isn't good evidence in favour of IgG food intolerance tests. This long article explains why. Allergy UK gives advice in identifying food intolerances, including avoiding the commercially available self-tests.

pickypicky Tue 12-Jun-12 10:10:14

Thanks for the replies.

The Boots test is IgG.

eragon DH doesn't suffer too much with the rhinitis these days. It is the digestive issues that are really causing him problems. He seems to swing between constipation and diahorrea and feels bloated and uncomfortable a lot.

He is physically fit - does a lot of exercise - gym, team sports and running. He eats a healthy diet, drinks alcohol rarely etc but he never seems fully healthy to me. His skin isn't great, his eyes look tired and he gets colds often and sometimes suffers from mouth ulcers. He is only 36.

I'd love him to investigate all this properly but he is always putting it off. He is busy at work etc, every excuse in the book.

I think he was put off by the fact that when he went to the GP a few years ago, had a colonoscopy etc nothing came of it.

Our dd has allergies and we had her tested privately when she was a baby. It was several years ago and cost us over €1000.

If necessary we would spend it but it would be difficult to come up with it.

eragon Tue 12-Jun-12 15:01:16

its the healthy food that irritates my ibs, a high fibre diet , and salad with and veg is far too much for my guts to cope with.

best thing i ever did was stop cheese, chocolate and swop wholemeal bread for white!

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