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I want to thank you all for ......................

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Louise1970 Thu 11-Aug-05 16:18:30

helping me over the past few months will all my ds1 & dd2 behaviour problems & food problems, etc. Also helping me with my various problems with myself. Many of you know i have crohns disease and have been fighting with doctors, hv, mw, consultants, pead, dieticieans.

Yestuday i saw the top of top pead consultant. He was lovely. He confirmed what i had been saying to all the medical professions that i visited (there were many) that both my children and i are allergic to dairy. We had cut out 90% of dairy but the other 10% was still affecting us. I am so releived that finally someone listerned to me etc. Apart from mr dp we are all going to be eating the same food from now on, a dairy free one. I feel very low though today as i keep blaming myself for giving my children the problem. The consultant did say that it was connected to the family history, and that can only mean me as i am the only ill one.

My last request to you all is, i now need recipes for cakes biscuits, and normal food that are dairy free. i also need to know some dairy free ranges of food, where can you buy them. Are there any online. How do you make dairy free ice cream? Can i buy chocolate? Is there any thing i should avoid when looking at labels. Went to asda last night. Couldn't believe how so much stuff had milk or cheeses in it. Anyone know an alternative to yoghurts apart from alpro. My list is endless.

I will post a copy of this on the food and allergy section too.

Chandra Thu 11-Aug-05 19:11:20

I'm very happy for you, I'm sure that having the oportunity that knows so much of allergies is a privilege.

Some Sainsbury's have ailes dedicated to the free-from range, aparently ASDA and Tesco have lists of free-from products that you can download from the web or ask for at the customer services counter.

In our experience, cooking two sets of menus (for the intolerant and the not) have leaded us to have to badly designed/incomplete menus and often the ingredients of for one go into the other making the process of being completely free from something a more difficult job. I have found this book which have recipes for that are suitable for all the family, hope it may help

Chandra Thu 11-Aug-05 19:12:47

oportunity to see somebody who knows...even

jenk1 Thu 11-Aug-05 20:57:23

louise i too am in your situation my dd 16months old is allergic to dairy,wheat etc etc i got recipes from the dietician at our hospital and also on the web, terence stamp is allergic to dairy and has produced a cookbook also vegan cook books are good as well, you can get certain foods on prescription as well, the trufree range does biscuits crackers etc and are really nice for snack kind of things, tesco,s are good and also sainsburys, i buy their dairy free fishfingers and sausages. The main thing is i cook virtually every thing from scratch so i know whats gone in it

spidermama Thu 11-Aug-05 21:00:32

Hi louise. My ds2 is dairy and wheat intolerant. He can have goat milk though. Can you and yours?

\link{ you seen this?}

spidermama Thu 11-Aug-05 21:02:04

Damn. I'm trying to be impressive with the links now I've learned. Will try again.

Have you seen this?

Louise1970 Thu 11-Aug-05 22:47:59

Just got back from Asda Sainsbury and Tesco. I am knackered and broke. All of them had extactly the same thing and not very much , at that. Biscuits use to be buy 1 get one free. No they are going to cost £1.50. i looked at all my normal shopping and saw that milk, powder, lactose was in everything. Even the things i thought didn't contain milk. I can not belive it and am feeling even lower than before.
Spidermama, we were all on goats milk before as i thought we all had a sensitivity to cows, but was told that it was a problem with dairy. I have all this Nanny goats formula milk in the cupboards. Going to have to e-bay it or something...

I can honestly say i do not know how i am going to have time and energy to cook absolutely everything from sctratch..

By the way someone suggested Tesco sold dairy free ice cream. They dont.

meggymoo Thu 11-Aug-05 22:49:53

Message withdrawn

Louise1970 Thu 11-Aug-05 22:54:24

Great links too, thanks. WIll have to look more closely tomorrow..

Louise1970 Thu 11-Aug-05 22:54:46

6 months and 21 months

FIMAC1 Thu 11-Aug-05 23:04:40


They did do Swedish Glace (and had it the last time I was in....) Maybe it varies from Store to Store? Check with Customer service who should be able to tell you - Safeways used to sell it but doubt Morrisons would?

bambi06 Thu 11-Aug-05 23:18:47

try this

bambi06 Fri 12-Aug-05 14:13:17

i`ve got alovely book called optimum nutrition for babies and young children..150 quick recipies inc loads of dairy free wheat free gluten free , its by lucy burney isbn 0-7499-2028-9

Utka Fri 12-Aug-05 22:20:57

Might be worth checking out the Allergy Show website. This happened at Earl's Court in JUne, and they were promising to put all the speaker notes from the sessions, plus the exhibitor details, on the site. The event catalogue had a full listing of everyone who does gluten, dairy etc. free food, which might help you. Allergy Uk also has this information.

Louise1970 Sat 13-Aug-05 15:18:33

thank you all so much. sorry its been a while. All i have been doing is food shopping and cooking. I have very big superstore sizr sainsbury, tesco, morrison and asda. None of them have anything dairy free, i don't understand it. I have been to customer services and have said this where is the nearest store etc and its 10 miles in one diection for one item 15 miles away in another direction for something else. My holland and barret does not stock anything. GNC has been taken over by holland and basrrett. helth food shops are 25 miles away and still only have a few items that are ridiculous prices. I have cooked fresh things for 3 days now and my son will not eat any of it. not even the biscuits, i am feeling very low now. I am going to see if my doctor will give me some home help. But i wont hold my breath. I have not played with my children for 3 days, they are having tantrums and screaming all day again because i have no spare time to give them. I am so sorry to rant on but i feel really really low....

I have printed out this message board with your tips to investigate when i have time. Thanks again

jenk1 Sat 13-Aug-05 15:59:28

louise,dont give up, when my dd was first diagnosed i felt very depressed, it is natural and normal what you are feeling,it wont last you will pick yourself up soon and see things differently. Before dd was diagnosed i didnt do much cooking just bunged things in the oven, since then everything has to be cooked from scratch, i have one day a week where i cook things in batch and freeze them-that frees up time you would normally spend cooking every meal time, have you enquired about pasta on prescription-its a godsend, i make dd soups and sauces with recipes from my dietician and she loves it,meat is easy as well, just cook a few veg and meat and i also freeze mash potato, ask to be referred to a dietician-they really give you lots of help and ideas

Louise1970 Sat 13-Aug-05 16:43:54

i yearn to meet up with the dietician. Appointment has not been set yet. I do not know how she/he will get my ds1 21 months to eat anything. He already has a very limited range of food. Now with this allergy he is now only on bread and vegetable spread. I have tried for a year to get some veg and meat down him, all he does is throw it on the floor. He does not even try anything. He goes days not eating sometimes as i refuse to give in. But the screaming and crying all day everyday wears me down. I don't have any help what so ever, either. So you see i really witll be cooking 3 seperate meals 3 times a day.

Chandra Sat 13-Aug-05 21:36:55

Louise, it is difficult, you can't go around that, but soon you will start finding alternatives which means of course that a lot of the dishes you are used to are going to go while new ones are going to be part of your weekly diet. IME the best way to avoid milk proteins is to stop oppening packed food (to cook yourself). Most packed/processed food have a form of milk (powder, butter, etc). Most supermarkets sell rice milk even with the option of being enriched with calcium. You are not going to be able to eat cheese or yoghurts (which is what I find more difficult) but there are ways to create other nutritive things. DS is a very fuzzy eater but some days I manage to feed him food from most groups by making a thick sauce (that may include vegetables and a meat/fish) and mix it with pasta.

It may seem a lot of work but something that worked for us for a good time (we are a bit disorganised atm and trying to only have dishes that we all can eat) was to cook all DS food on a day and freeze it, and then just defroze what we needed for the day.

We asked for an apointment with a NHS' dietitian several months ago and about a week ago we finally got the appointment... for the end of december. I can't believe that we need to wait almost half of DS's life to get an appointment about something as delicate as milk and glutten intolerance, and several allergies to food used in everything...

jenk1 Sat 13-Aug-05 22:03:47

sorry louise i didnt mean to sound bossy with my comments, i hope you get some help soon

tatt Sun 14-Aug-05 08:16:24

louise I'm sorry you are feeling so down. Have you tried telephoning the supermarkets to ask for lists of their dairy free products? The lists change over time so I no longer bother to get them but when you start out they can be useful.

I'd be really surprised if all your supermarkets had no dairy free food although you can get exhausted looking for them. We have sainsburys or co-op jaffa cakes for a milk and nut free chocolate fix. I'll have a look in the cupboard and see what else we have.

tatt Sun 14-Aug-05 08:28:07

Also have Tesco bourbon biscuits (think Sainsburys were OK too but we haven't any at the moment to check), morrisons potato and leek soup and Ocean Trader cod fillets in breadcrumbs in the freezer. We have to avoid both milk and nut but if yours is only dairy you can have Green and Black chocolate.

Read somewhere that it takes 22 tastes to get a child to take foods so I'm trying this with mine. So far its not working . Most kids will eat carrot sticks and cucumber and sometimes they are the only veg they eat. Have you tried things like pepper strips, bean sprouts and water chesnuts?

Lactase is supposed to help some people with milk allergy although we haven't found it any use so far. However we've now got a dairy free probiotic and are going to give it another go. Lactase is a digestive enzyme that you can buy in some health food stores or via the internet, Probiotics restoke the gut with healthy bacteria. If you ever decide to have another child taking probiotics when pregnant reduces the risk of a child having allergies.

tatt Sun 14-Aug-05 08:29:53

sorry chandra, didn't notice you'd already recommended the lists from supermarkets.

tatt Sun 14-Aug-05 08:32:12

another thought - haven't yet found a dairy free icecream but you can get lollipops for the children or those ice pops things.

Louise1970 Sun 14-Aug-05 09:23:04

Thanks everyone. Sorry Jenk1, you were not bossy. I have just re-read my message and it was probably a bit short. As i had my ds screaming in the backround and my dd on my lap at the time of typing it.
I will ask for these lists from supermarkets, but i know from past experience with having to watch what i eat becuase of my crohns, that i will be shopping from one store to the next etc all day. It is already a nightmare cooking in the house, 3 seperate meals per meal time, it will now be worst. I have not spent any time with the kids in 3 days and ds is starting to have tantrums again. Because i am spending all the time in the kitchen. My ds will not eat anything i give him either. He has not eaten properly for 4 days now. Apart from bread and butter (soya butter). Everything he sees on his plate just goes on the floor as it did for the past year. You see he use to eat cheese sandwiches. or ham and cheese, but will not eat ham without cheese. i saw last night on the Goodness website they do rice cheese, but just from experience i know he will not eat it. But i will buy it and see. I will chase my appointment up with the dietician as much as i can. Maybe if i play on my daughter not pooing for 26 days becuase of the reaction to milk they may see me sooner. As she has to be reffered too.

chatee Sun 14-Aug-05 09:32:46

SWEDISH GLACE ice cream is dairy free and available in some supermarkets....i will try and give more names later as my dd is and has been dairy free for nearly 5 years but there are definetly previuos threads with food ideas on as i can remember posting on them....sorry but just don't have time now to find or help much more.....

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