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I am getting desparate - my 11 month old has had a snotty nose for what feels like forever

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dejags Thu 11-Aug-05 07:47:54

I am at my wits end. DS2 has had about 3 weeks snot free since he was born 11 months ago. He also has had really bad problems with his ears which resulted in him getting grommets 3 months ago.

This morning he sneezed and the snot was bloody (sorry tmi). This seems to be associated to chronic sinusitis - HELP... what can I do to make his life more comfortable?

I have tried cutting out any milk products at present he is on soya milk with no cheese, milk or other dairies in his diet.

My gut says this is an allergic reaction to something, any advice would be appreciated.

dejags Thu 11-Aug-05 10:19:35


gingernut Thu 11-Aug-05 10:24:37

Have you consulted a doctor?

My friend's ds was very snotty from an early age and she kept taking him to the docs but they kept saying `well, he's got a cold at the moment hasn't he?' so nothing was done. Finally she was certain he didn't have a cold and yet the snot was still bad, and they agreed to refer him. It turned out he needed his adenoids out. He had the op and had grommets put in at the same time and has been a lot better since (although had to have more grommets recently).

It could also be an allergy.

jenk1 Thu 11-Aug-05 10:25:02

my dd had a runny nose whenever she ate something that she was allergic to, does your ds have red eyes that he rubs as well cos this is a sign of an allergy-it could even be hayfever, my dd takes piriton but i dont think u can under one year, get him referred to a specialist who will test for "triggers" and try to keep a food diary

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