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Possible cows milk protein intolerance? Newbie needs help!

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nlteach Thu 03-Jun-10 12:29:49

Hi, i'm a first time mum (and poster!) and am feeling really confused right now. I feel inundated with information and advice and just want a straight answer!

Basically I'm wondering if my breastfed 6 week old has a cows milk protein intolerance but I can't seem to find a definitive list of symptoms. Does anyone out there know anything about cmpi?

Here are his 'symptoms':

Very bad trapped wind although he doesn't ever really cry with it, just grunts, writhes and squirms a lot.
Constant pooing - before, during and after feeding and sometimes in between!
Green poo but only at night.
Sneezy, blocked up nose.

Because of the constant pooing and wind, he doesn't ever sleep more than 2 hours at a time - I'm shattered! Any advice would be gratefully received.

Maz007 Sun 05-May-13 15:18:06

Bex. I am surprised to hear that you have been to that your bm is a problem. I have never come across that. If it's a cowsmilk problem (which I guess is what they are thinking if they've prescribed nutramigen) then cutting out all animal milk / products from your diet should sort that out. If you want to carry on feeding, you wouldn't be the first. Lots of people on here have done it. I have BF an cows milk protein allergic DC and a cows milk protein intolerant DC. Your diet would need some thought so you don't become deficient in Calcium etc but it's doable. You might get better response if you start a separate thread asking about the issue of BF a child with intol / allergy to cows milk. Lactose intolerance in children is extremely rare. If you want to feed, get some more advice - definitely possible. When you say a specialist, was it a specialist paediatric allergist? Might be worth getting an opinion of not.

sufferkate Sat 04-May-13 21:44:19

My son has the whole writhing in pain, very congested, green nappies etc and through trial and error I've found he's got cmpi and soya intolerance. He's never sick and is on the 75th centile. And during the day is very happy and alert. Don't stop breast feeding if you're not happy to. Your little one might just be reacting to something on your diet which is being passed into your milk, but not your milk itself xxx

Bex13 Sat 04-May-13 15:16:07

My DD1 is now 11 weeks old and started getting abdominal pains around 3 weeks. She was EBF and was thriving in every way accept for the pains which were getting stronger as each week passed. She was constantly writhing around, really gassy, arching her back in pain, screaming non-stop (sometimes all day). I tried cranial, homeopathy, reflux meds, giving up cows milk in my diet (only for 2 weeks). Nothing worked. Recently a specialist has decided my breast milk could be the cause of her problems, diagnosing lactose intolerance/cows milk protein allergy. I'm confused though because she has none of the other symptoms relating to these conditions (vomiting, skin rashes, failure to thrive) and was putting on weight. Reluctantly I have accepted his diagnosis and put her on Nutramigen formula but I really want to continue breastfeeding and find it extraordinary this could be the cause. Her pains are better and she is finally sleeping (ish) but they haven't disappeared completely. Has any one else been told their breast milk is causing pains and if so did you have to give up feeding or find a way through it?

BridgetC Tue 06-Jul-10 17:41:59


If you would like to email me I could give you some information. I'm a nurse working with children with cow's milk allergy.


Emilysmummy10 Mon 05-Jul-10 19:24:07

Hi diamondblush27, my daughter has been exactly the same. I have eventally seen a dietician who has prescribed her with a formula milk called neocate which i am gradually weaning her onto as apparently if leave them breastfeeding for too long they wont take to it, my daughter is struggling with it now at only 8 weeks, i am still breastfeeding mainly and just introducing one bottle a day into her diet and cutting out all dairy out off mine. my advice would be to try and get ahold of a hypoallergenic milk as soon as you can just to try and get your baby sed to it, good luck!! smile

diamondblush27 Mon 21-Jun-10 16:16:42

Sorry forgot to add that my son also had bad cramps and wind particularly during the night - this is also much better when I have been dairy free.

diamondblush27 Mon 21-Jun-10 16:11:58

Hi there I am having a similar issue with a 13 week old. He has been unsettled since birth particularly during the night after 4am feed but unsettled after other feeds at times. I am breastfeeding and initial thought was it was reflux as when he was upright he settled but Gaviscon didnt work. Suggested I gave the Gaviscon with a formula and he was head to toe covered in rash. This led to the suspicion that it may be an alergy to milk or lactose. I have cut out dairy from my diet and that has helped immensly. Meantime I have been trying various formulas - lactose free brought him out in the rash again so GP now thinks its definately milk protein. I have continued to breastfeed but the problem is I have to go back to work soon and wanted to try and get to the bottom of the problem so that it will help for weaning etc and can access the appropriate help. My son had reflux symptoms his skin was also very dry and he had severe case of milk spots which has all cleared up since I have been dairy free. Also the fussiness has gone. I plan to continue to breastfeed and use the formula as a back up as required but the formula has been helpful in small doses to get the the bottom of the issue.

nlteach Mon 07-Jun-10 16:22:34

Thanks, think I will try cutting out dairy especially as he had blood in his nappy today. Luckily it actually happened when we were at the doctors for his 6 week check so we've been referred to the hospital. In the meantime I'll see if my diet makes a difference.

Great news about the Green and Blacks dark choc!!

Starshinetiger Mon 07-Jun-10 13:56:10

My children both had those symptoms and both have CMPA. Difficulty is that all the symptoms can be symptoms of other things, but it really doesn't do you or your baby any harm to do a trail of cutting dairy out your diet for 10 days and see if it makes a difference. Just make sure you are eating a sensible diet of fruit, veg, carbs and protein. Don't deprive yourself of treats, which you will need while you're bfing - Green & Blacks dark choc (plain or with fruit and nut) is dairy free despite what they have to put on the label due to manufacturing risks. Check out your free from aisle in your supermarket for other stuff. If it is CMPA it will make a big difference (not necessarily to sleeping, but definitely to comfort levels), so you will know. It may not rule out all symptoms if he also has other intolerances (both of mine do), so it's unfortunately not an exact science. With DS I went onto Nutramigen formula at 18 weeks, which made a big difference. With DD I bf for a year by following exclusion diet, so either is possible.

Sympathies to you - you're doing a great job and it is tough when they're in discomfort.

Lima1 Mon 07-Jun-10 13:42:52

My DS had all those symptoms and does has a CMPA, he is also allergic to egg and peanut. The only additional symptom he had which was more of a red flag was very bad eczema. However when he was moved to Neocate formula all those symptoms stopped except the eczema to in his case the CMPA was causing those symptoms.

HappySeven Sat 05-Jun-10 10:15:25

Fair enough, chefswife. I wasn't aware it had changed. I just get annoyed (on behalf of my farming in laws) when people talk about hormones in cattle over here as it's not true. I believe it's illegal in Canada too.

chefswife Sat 05-Jun-10 06:03:57

HappySeven We are both right, as it was reversed and then reinstated, which I didn't realize till having a look tonight. My apologies. Sincerely. blush

chefswife Sat 05-Jun-10 05:59:57

I always bought British when I lived there. Just as now I only by Vancouver Island now.

HappySeven Fri 04-Jun-10 15:14:48

It's against EU legislation for any cattle to have growth hormones so how far is this milk coming to be mixed with British milk? I just don't believe it and you can choose to buy British milk just as you choose British beef/bacon etc.

chefswife Fri 04-Jun-10 01:54:20

Milk!... I mean

chefswife Fri 04-Jun-10 01:53:48

HappySeven I mean British mild companies.

nlteach Thu 03-Jun-10 21:40:57

Thanks again, think as a first time mum and a bit of a control freak, I am over analysing everything! After reading some of the things people are going through on other threads I guess I should count myself lucky!

HappySeven Thu 03-Jun-10 21:37:43

In which case, buy British milk.

chefswife Thu 03-Jun-10 21:36:43

HappySeven Yes but if they can't meet the quota, they import milk and mix it. Its perfectly legal and they don't have to tell.

HappySeven Thu 03-Jun-10 21:13:00

Sorry, just wanted to say that British cows aren't given growth hormones.

I think it sounds like a normal 6 week old (either that or my 7 week old has the same problem). I'm sure it will settle down though and if it's anything like it was with my first it should start to ease off in the next few weeks. Not much use, I'm sorry, but before you know it it will all be a distant memory...

shockers Thu 03-Jun-10 21:01:49

I agree with chefswife. DS2 is intolerant (tummy aches, bloating, wind) to cow's milk but absolutely fine on goat's.

jollyma Thu 03-Jun-10 20:52:47

I'd second the idea about wind and a blocked nose. Speak to a pharmacist about saline drops to drip up his nose to clear it before feeds. Have you had a chat with a bf councillor?

I'd also be reluctant to cut out dairy completely but you could cut down and simplify your diet for a couple of weeks to avoid spices and other things mentioned above. Also try to rest as much as poss during the day, you are doing a great job bf your baby but need energy to do it. On the positive side lots of pooey nappies means he's taking lots of lovely milk!

chefswife Thu 03-Jun-10 20:51:45

Pooey nappies are in until they're potty trained...grin

Try changing to organic cows milk for a week (regular milk tends to be full of growth hormones and antibiotics) and if its still the same, try goats milk. That's what I had to do for DD and after introducing goats milk she's been fine. Also try using a nose mister twice a day to keep LO's nose clear. Good luck.

nlteach Thu 03-Jun-10 20:31:06

Thanks everyone, it was something my health visitor mentioned. Makes sense about his blocked nose. Guess I was hoping for something to put an end to all his pooey nappies!

addictedtolatte Thu 03-Jun-10 19:12:30

if he has a blocked up nose they do tend to swallow a lot more wind. this used to happen with my ds.

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