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Possible cows milk protein intolerance? Newbie needs help!

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nlteach Thu 03-Jun-10 12:29:49

Hi, i'm a first time mum (and poster!) and am feeling really confused right now. I feel inundated with information and advice and just want a straight answer!

Basically I'm wondering if my breastfed 6 week old has a cows milk protein intolerance but I can't seem to find a definitive list of symptoms. Does anyone out there know anything about cmpi?

Here are his 'symptoms':

Very bad trapped wind although he doesn't ever really cry with it, just grunts, writhes and squirms a lot.
Constant pooing - before, during and after feeding and sometimes in between!
Green poo but only at night.
Sneezy, blocked up nose.

Because of the constant pooing and wind, he doesn't ever sleep more than 2 hours at a time - I'm shattered! Any advice would be gratefully received.

Bex13 Sat 04-May-13 15:16:07

My DD1 is now 11 weeks old and started getting abdominal pains around 3 weeks. She was EBF and was thriving in every way accept for the pains which were getting stronger as each week passed. She was constantly writhing around, really gassy, arching her back in pain, screaming non-stop (sometimes all day). I tried cranial, homeopathy, reflux meds, giving up cows milk in my diet (only for 2 weeks). Nothing worked. Recently a specialist has decided my breast milk could be the cause of her problems, diagnosing lactose intolerance/cows milk protein allergy. I'm confused though because she has none of the other symptoms relating to these conditions (vomiting, skin rashes, failure to thrive) and was putting on weight. Reluctantly I have accepted his diagnosis and put her on Nutramigen formula but I really want to continue breastfeeding and find it extraordinary this could be the cause. Her pains are better and she is finally sleeping (ish) but they haven't disappeared completely. Has any one else been told their breast milk is causing pains and if so did you have to give up feeding or find a way through it?

sufferkate Sat 04-May-13 21:44:19

My son has the whole writhing in pain, very congested, green nappies etc and through trial and error I've found he's got cmpi and soya intolerance. He's never sick and is on the 75th centile. And during the day is very happy and alert. Don't stop breast feeding if you're not happy to. Your little one might just be reacting to something on your diet which is being passed into your milk, but not your milk itself xxx

Maz007 Sun 05-May-13 15:18:06

Bex. I am surprised to hear that you have been to that your bm is a problem. I have never come across that. If it's a cowsmilk problem (which I guess is what they are thinking if they've prescribed nutramigen) then cutting out all animal milk / products from your diet should sort that out. If you want to carry on feeding, you wouldn't be the first. Lots of people on here have done it. I have BF an cows milk protein allergic DC and a cows milk protein intolerant DC. Your diet would need some thought so you don't become deficient in Calcium etc but it's doable. You might get better response if you start a separate thread asking about the issue of BF a child with intol / allergy to cows milk. Lactose intolerance in children is extremely rare. If you want to feed, get some more advice - definitely possible. When you say a specialist, was it a specialist paediatric allergist? Might be worth getting an opinion of not.

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