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help need snack suggestions for 7 month old

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donnacb Wed 03-Aug-05 21:36:04

Ds 7months has allergy to egg and milk so far. have given him fruit and veg snacks but all his friends are having lovely melt away biscuits etc but all contain milk. ds god at chewing but tends to spit food out rather swallow.

any suggestions great fully received

jamiesam Wed 03-Aug-05 21:58:51

Sorry, can't answer your question, but are friends 'lovely melt away biscuits' full of salt/sugar/other things that you wouldn't put in your own cooking? You might just be a right-on mum, giving fruit and veg snacks - he will get used to textures, swallowing etc.

Bellie Wed 03-Aug-05 22:03:15

I give dd (9 months) organic rice cakes and bread sticks - in fact it is all she wants to eat - gone right off veg and fruit!! I would stick with the veg and fruit if you can!

bobbybob Thu 04-Aug-05 02:53:09

Ds had organic rice cakes right up until 1 because I was delaying wheat and he was allergic to eggs and milk.

Mumsnet sent a parenting up date that said that children who are weaned onto rusks like bland fatty pale food like chips. That cheered me up enormously.

Ignore them a 7 month old does not need biscuits.

nailpolish Thu 04-Aug-05 07:48:02

donna, dont worry about the biscuits, your ds doesnt know his friends are getting them, so he wont be bothered! stick to the fruit and veg, good for you. if you would like him to have a change, what about breadsticks or little thin toast soldiers

mandyc66 Thu 04-Aug-05 08:07:41

rice cakes,they melt!!
fruit snacks are fine. Does he need snacks anyway?

KiwiKate Thu 04-Aug-05 08:32:29

DS1 didn't have any flour/wheat products until over a year (because of food allergies in the family, wanted to try and prevent him getting them too)

He snacked on fruit (bite size pieces) - try bananas (nice and soft) or prunes (small pieces), stewed apple (cook fresh apples in the microwave with a bit of water), peach slices, apricot slices, grapes. DS was never offered biscuits and did not know his friends got anything different. He always loved fruit (still does). But then when he was under a year, he didn't get offered anything else. I just put the fruit out, and he could help himself if he wanted. Although at 7mo he didn't snack much. Even now if we go to a party all the other kids want cake and biscuits, and DS goes right for the fruit (he is now 2.3yo)

mollymalloo Thu 04-Aug-05 08:45:29

ds is 9 months but for the last 6 weeks or so he has loved oatcakes which are pretty crumbly and easy to gum. watch out though as most have a fair amount of salt. the brand we use are Now (natural organic wholefoods) traditional oatcakes as they do a no salt/sugar version which is great. dried apple rings and mango go down well too x

Twiglett Thu 04-Aug-05 09:11:17

I wouldn't give a 7 month old biscuits anyway

fruit (dried / fresh) and vegetables are perfect snacking food for babies

Littlefish Thu 04-Aug-05 09:19:10

Dried apricots are good because they are easy to hold, but great for munching and sucking on. My dd (8 months) has dried apricots, apple rice cakes, dried prunes and is beginning to chase raisins around her tray. I keep trying her with slices of fruit, but she doesn't seem to like the feel of them and just drops them.

You can get organic unsulphured apricots from Sainsburys (I think they are in their Crazy Jack range). They are darker than sulphured ones, but better for you.

Chuffed Thu 04-Aug-05 15:52:19

cut the apricots up to about the size of raisins, you can do the same with dried applies too.
dd still sometimes gags (16mth) on a half dried apricot and I'm still a little worried about choking with her even now with a fair few teeth.

mumtosomeone Thu 04-Aug-05 16:40:43

dont make things too small,dont want them to choke! if they have to chomp a bit its bettet imo!

donnacb Fri 05-Aug-05 17:36:15

Thanks everyone for your advice. just felt a bit mean but like you all say he doesnt know. will try apricots and none sulphur. didnt know they contained it. thanks lots donna

KiwiKate Sat 06-Aug-05 23:26:29

I didn't feel mean. I was pleased to give my ds healthy things to snack on, and thought it was a pity that the other littlies I knew didn't get more healthy snacks.

Utka Fri 12-Aug-05 22:28:52

Agree with all the comments about biscuits. DD1 didn't realise rice cakes weren't biscuits until she was about 2!!

If you want to make him a treat - how about rice crispy cakes made with puffed rice (Kallo do an organic version), and golden syrup. Not particularly healthy, but would satisfy your wish to give him something like a melty biscuit!

tatt Sun 14-Aug-05 09:13:47

my kids got tooth decay partly from too much dried fruit. Best snacks for kids are a small piece of cheese and nuts when they are past 5 (but not for mine ) Its actually better for theri teeth to give a small piece of dark chocolate than to feed too much dried fruit. If you give a lot of dried fruit give a bit of cheese to balance the sugar content.

juicychops Sun 14-Aug-05 16:45:29

my ds 7 months old likes eating them pink wafer biscuits and ice cream wafers. They just melt in his mouth and arn't fatening

donnacb Mon 15-Aug-05 21:57:06

I didnt know that about dried fruit. unfortunately ds cant have cheese as allergic to milk and nuts are out at the mo. Ds is now difficult to feed so just thought anything will do to get him to eat. But you are all right so will perservere. Thanks everyone at least i know im not being mean

Spongebob Mon 15-Aug-05 22:18:09

rice cakes, or littlle squares of wholemeal toast with a spread(marmite, hummus) bits of soft melon, cheese, soft breadsticks (grisini)

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