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non chemical sunscreen for allergic child

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ruty Wed 03-Aug-05 10:30:35

i've been trying to find a non chemical sunscreen [titanium dioxide or zinc dioxide] 'natural' sunscreen for my 10month ds. the problem is they all seem to contain either peanut oil or wheat protein, neither of which he can have. i've tried dr hauschka, and various other organic or natural brands. Anyone have anyi ideas? he can't have milk protein either...

ruty Wed 03-Aug-05 10:31:06

i mean zinc oxide not dioxide!

smellymelly Wed 03-Aug-05 10:40:21

We use ultrasun, which is excellent, I will check the ingredients for you.

smellymelly Wed 03-Aug-05 11:02:29

Right... the factor 28 contains loads of ingreident including Titanium dioxide. But the 20 uvb facot once a day stuff, which is strong enough for me to use on all my kids, only has the following in:
alcohol denat, propelene glycol, aqua, octyl dimethyl paba, butyl methoxydi-11, hydroxypropylcelluose, phospholipids, glycerin, and tocopherol!

Ds2 has very sensitive skin, and I think will be prone to excema etc, but we have never put anything but Dermol on his skin or in his bath, and he is fine with the ultrasun 20 factor. It is also 6 uva.

It is hard to buy in your local shops but they have a website and you can buy direct...

smellymelly Wed 03-Aug-05 11:03:07

please excuse my very poor spelling!

ruty Wed 03-Aug-05 11:04:23

thanks smelly melly - i'm not sure if any of those ingredients are the endocrine disrupters i wanted to avoid - they don't sound like it, i'll check - thanks!

mandyc66 Wed 03-Aug-05 11:42:47

some sunscrenes are available on perscription. if you ask

florenceuk Wed 03-Aug-05 15:59:36

Not sure what endocrine disruptors look like. But we use Sunsense Toddler stuff, who also make a low-irritant sunscreen: low irritant SPF20 which appears to have a fairly short list of ingredients.

ruty Wed 03-Aug-05 19:49:07

that looks brilliant florenceuk! Thankyou so much. will order some.

NannyL Sun 07-Aug-05 12:11:16

did you realise that low irritant sun cream has titanium dioxide in? (i thought you didnt want that?)

ruty Tue 09-Aug-05 13:00:18

sooru NannyL i may not have made myself clear. Titanium dioxide is ok as far as i know - ther are some chemical sunscreens which aren't.

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