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Sunscreen and Eczema

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exhaustednurse Thu 08-Apr-10 16:36:20

Can anyone recommend a good sunscreen for babies/little ones with eczema?

Planning on having DS in the shade most of the time, but this is for just in case times as we have a very strong family history of skin cancer.

luciemule Thu 08-Apr-10 16:39:58

Tesco - Sun Protection Baby SPF 50.

I have terrible eczema and I'm allergic/sensitive to nearly all suncreams/lotions I've ever tried and so basically just stay out of the sun completely. This however, is really good and I didn't react at all, evne when it's put on my lips (usually very sensitive).
It does contain parabens though so that may put you off.

tinytalker Fri 09-Apr-10 02:59:25

When buying suncream for anyone with sensitive skins, read the ingredients list and do NOT buy anything that contains any type of parabens. Even some suncreams classified as suitable for sensitive skins or gentle enough for babies contain parabens and these really do play havoc with excema. Always read the labels because I have found that even creams of the same brand can have different ingredients. At the moment with my dd (we are in Florida now!) we are using one made by Banana Boat SPF50, which is not causing any problems however at the beginning of the week she was in a terrible state using a cream labelled as organic/natural!!!! Yes it contained parabens!!!!

SofiaAmes Fri 09-Apr-10 04:19:27

Coppertone Water Babies is the only one that doesn't give my dd rashes.

zeered Fri 09-Apr-10 23:14:02

sunsense - recommended by allergy specialists and dermatologists.

onadietcokebreak Fri 09-Apr-10 23:15:50

Was thinking the same today...watching with interest!

bran Fri 09-Apr-10 23:17:41

I use Sunsense on DS who has eczema. Bergaderm is also non-reactive on his skin, but it really stings if it gets into the eyes so he doesn't like it.

bran Fri 09-Apr-10 23:18:41

I think Bergaderm is called Proderm now, same stuff though.

OkieCokie Sun 11-Apr-10 20:22:44

Another fan of Sun Sence here. The only place I have found it is in chemists

Oliverboliverbuttbuttface Sun 11-Apr-10 21:15:59

Green people Childrens no scent sunscreen. Works for my DD who has eczema - no parabens or other nasties.

suziebabyyoga Mon 12-Apr-10 12:26:35

Hi I suffer with Eczema on my hands and my young son has is on his legs and arms.
I found most creams to oily and made us both itch more.

I have recently been using this ORGANIC SUNCREAM by YAOH, its been really good so far, but keep it away from the eyes. For more info about it here: eaks/

I hope this helps you.

georgie111 Mon 10-Jun-13 22:50:40

I have had a nightmare with this - all my children have been allergic to sunscreen and their eczema has flared up really badly. I found one that worked and then they stopped making it - I was in despair. My friend recommended ORIGINAL SPROUT sunscreen and its brilliant. Not available in chemists but I bought it online at Whole family uses it as its nice stuff and hasn't got any parabens in etc. I would DEFINATELY recommend - but watch out as its not waterproof, plus its not sunblock, just SPF 24 but we have never burnt using it and we are all fair.

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