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anaphylactic reaction to milk anyone?

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ecomum Sat 23-Jul-05 13:15:52

My DS has an anaphylactic reaction to formula milks including some hypo allergenic types eg nutramigen.

He's 1 now, and I'm finding play with other children v. difficult to cope with. He doesn't go to a nursery and I've stopped going to play groups/mum's coffee mornings because there's milky drinks, yoghurts and biscuits everywhere which would be literally lethal if he came into contact with them. Its just too stressful!

I asked my dietician if there were any other children in the area with the same problem - but it turns out my DS is only one in the whole borough.

At this rate he's going to grow up with no social skills. Have any other mum's out there found a way of dealing with this?


Chandra Fri 29-Jul-05 01:03:49

I have only seen this. Have you tried to contact the Anaphilaxis Campaign? I don't know if they they may put you in contact with other families with a similarr problem so you can exchange tips on ways of coping with it. I believe Tatt (another Musmneter) as well as Bobbybob can provide better advice than me on the subject.

Bumping it for you.

lunachic Fri 29-Jul-05 01:07:08

hi ecomum give me a call please !! i cant find your number mines 839779 in case youve lost it !! see you soon xx

Chandra Fri 29-Jul-05 01:11:10

Oops, just have seen this thread is duplicate. The other one (with more answers) is here:

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