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Spoo Thu 21-Jul-05 17:31:40

My DS had a bad bout of diareeah. It coincided with me giving him petit filous yogurts. I gave those up and tried him on natural yogurts. This didn't seem to work either. I changed his formaula to follow on milk and he seems fine. However, today - I gave him banana and natural yogurt for desert at lunch instead of a pot of creamed rice. He has been crabby all afternoon and his diareaah has returned. Is it possible he could be allergic to dairy. If so why does he not react to potted creamed rice or formula? Any advice would be welcome.

matnanplus Thu 21-Jul-05 17:54:29

what formula was he on? what follow-on?

PeachyClair Thu 21-Jul-05 17:56:52

Is he lactose intolerant perhaps? I am, but I can have a certain amount before I hit my limits.
Also, boiled milk is (apparently, according to my nutritioonist) lower in allergens than the normal variety.

I would say though that with both my lactose intolerant ds's (2 out of 3), follow on worsened the problem, therefore I would get in a trip to a dietician before changing his diet significantly.

Spoo Thu 21-Jul-05 18:43:24

He is on Aptimal. How do I get to see a dietician? I have no faith in my HV.

PeachyClair Thu 21-Jul-05 20:50:42

Go to your GP and request a referral, you might see one at the Surgery, I did; DS3 had to go to the Paediatric Dept to see his, they were both excellent though.

Aptamil is a good milk, ds2 was given that when bf stopped, I would keep him on as long as possible. If you do have a problem with dairy though I would recommend Enfamil Lactofree as what we use; soya caused ds1 to lose several teeth (high sugar), but Enfamil is milk that has has lactose removed. We get it on prescription.

tatt Fri 22-Jul-05 06:33:07

it's unusual to have problems with live yoghurt but not with formula, more common the other way around. Temporary lactose intolerance is quite common and as peachyclair said many lactose intolerant people can have a little. I'm wondering what flavour the petit filous were - banana?

Spoo Fri 22-Jul-05 09:22:40

There were various flavours of petit filous. Vanilla and Berry flavours mainly.

I have deciede to keep a food diary for him and see whether I can see a pattern. He seems better this morning. All the same I have put him back onto fruits for breakfast and deserts.

Louise1970 Fri 22-Jul-05 23:14:11

I have given my kids Nanny formula (goats milk). It is fab a low in lactose. Has anyone seen in Tesco in the UHT dept they now sell Whole milk Lactose free. But it is only UHT..

bobbybob Sat 23-Jul-05 03:06:22

What is in petit filou apart from mlik spoo - do you still have a packet handy?

Spoo Sat 23-Jul-05 13:53:48

Not sure what is in them. Diarreah seems to have cleared up though. I think I will wait a little while until I try them again!

PeachyClair Sat 23-Jul-05 14:12:56

The low lactose milks in Supermarkets are great for some, (the UHT ones), but they still trigger my reactions unfortunately .

bobbybob Sat 23-Jul-05 19:28:05

I have avoided some yoghurts because of the other stuff in them - such as fibre (prob not in these) and some additives (google dirty dozen and compare with label).

Or it could be the opposite - that it's simply not processed enough, creamed rice is presumable cooked for ages and formula is havily processed.

Louise1970 Sat 23-Jul-05 20:04:04

i must admit i stand in the supermarkets for ages trying to disifer labels. I too have the dirty dozen card. But find that every food has one of them in. My child will not eat anything for me to quantify cooking. I use to but it went on the floor from 9 months and is still going on the floor at 20 months. He does not even tryit. He puts his thumb through it. Then throws it on the floor without going near his mouth. I am putting him in private pre-school in 5 months and hope that will sort him out. But it is only 2 mornings, though.

PeachyClair Sat 23-Jul-05 21:10:20

Montessori helped with ds1''s eating habits no end, trouble is he now wants Mozzarella (buffalo or he reacts to it) and olives in his lunch box.

I've been cooking everything from scratch for a fortnight now (I'm doing WeightWatchers No Count, kids get same with garlic bread / nuts / butter / ice cream /soya marge- delete as appropritae for age and particular allergy!) It's great coz they seem to like it AND I know exactly what is in it AND I have gone down two notches on my belt, but they have had a growth spurt!

DS1 has issues with food mixed together (AS), but he gets at least one meal a day served like that (I makew up what he doesnt eat with a second full main meal), as eventually I want him to eat like us, and it seems to be happenning gradually.

tatt Sun 24-Jul-05 06:59:19

thanks or the information on the milk louise1970. Hadn't spotted that so will check it out when we next get to Tescos. Has to be totally lactose free for us, though

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