2 yr old with red eyes - not conjunctivitis

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Doublebuggy Fri 19-Mar-10 20:48:03

Just wondered whether any of you had come across this before and had any advice.

My 2 yr old DS has had red eyes for a few weeks now. He usually wakes up fine, but throughout the day they start to get pinker.

Dr first thought it was conjunctivitis - but it obviously isn't as no gunk and not responding to medication. He has now given some allergy drops and has said if it does not get better he will refer us to a specialist.

Sooo .... anyone had this? What sort of things could be allergic to?

There are no other symptoms BTW.


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PlumBumMum Fri 19-Mar-10 20:54:40

There is a condition called euvitis(long term eye disease) or iritis(short term infection),
my dd1 has euvitis as a result of arthritis but there is another mumsnetter whose ds has euvitis with no arthritis

It can make eyes red looking and will need steriod drops and another dialating drop to stop the lens sticking butthis only needs to be given for a short period

chipmonkey Fri 19-Mar-10 21:57:26

Uveitis is usually quite painful though.

Have you got any new pets? That can be a trigger as can dust mites.

You are better to get him a full eye examination tbh, as otherwise it can be very difficult to tell the cause of a red eye.

PlumBumMum Fri 19-Mar-10 22:27:20

But chipmonkey my dd has only started commenting about her eyes being sore now shes older,
although no one told me when she was younger that her eyes would be sore, would they get very painful?
sometimes I'm not dismissive but I would be okay lets see how they feel in the morning,

her consultant is a strange man to get information out of I think he thinks that because we have been dealing with this for so long we shouldn't have any questions

and sometimes he forgets hes dealing with a little girl, he told me to get the opticians just to pop her lense out of her glasses until it was time to correct her lense,
she would have been going to school for 4 weeks with 1 lense in her glasseshmm
I said I'll get them to put a blank lense in, and he said if you likehmm

<<sorry for hijack>>

PixieOnaLeaf Fri 19-Mar-10 22:30:27

Message withdrawn

rockinhippy Fri 19-Mar-10 22:37:39

There is another condition, bletheritis, (or similar nameconfused its a type of excema or psorisis of the eye area??? (sorry I'm tired[embarassed]

though if you can do it safely, a few drops of lavender oil in boiling water so that the steam goes into the eyes, I've known that to work with conjuntivitis & allergy, better than the prescribed stuff, its anti virulant, anti bacterial & antihystime, amongst other things

good luck,

chipmonkey Fri 19-Mar-10 22:40:47

In the textbooks, it is supposed to be painful but I have had some patients who only had mild irritation, might depend on your pain threshold? I would have thought a 2 year old would be a bit moany with it!
It sounds more like an allergy to me but really, you need a full eye examination with a slip lamp.

legscrossed Fri 19-Mar-10 22:43:24

recommend going to optician, they have higher mag equipment to have a look. GP will just blindly chuck the book at it till sumink works.
Could be viral.
But after 2 weeks you should either ask for gp to refer to ophthalmologist or go to high st optician who can do same (no cost)

Conundrumish Sat 20-Mar-10 16:02:50

Is he scratching or rubbing them? I'm ready to scratch my eyes out at the moment as they are so itchy and therefore red. I think it is birch pollen at this time of year.

Doublebuggy Sat 20-Mar-10 16:43:19

He is only scracthing when tired - so not sure whether it is the red eyes or the tiredness.

Will go to optician tomorrow.

Thanks all.

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Laurentaylor Fri 13-Sep-19 01:05:58

I know this is an old thread but I'm curious to know what your solution was? Our 17 month old is going through the exact same situation. This post is the only thing remotely close to anything we've found. Our doctor isn't quite sure and we have to see a specialist. If you see this would love a response! Thank you!

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