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Worried about Rash!!!! Please please share your knowledge.......

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Eaney Wed 20-Jul-05 12:44:25

I thouht this thread was better placed here.

My 5 mth old dd started out with a rash in her nappy area (in the folds), it then spread to all over her nappy area and consisted of raised pimples that oozed. The rash then spread (about 2 days later) to all over her body.

I thought heat rash but went to doc to be sure. He thought a bad case of nappy rash and a separate allergic rash all over body due to the introduction of solids. He gave me steroid cream for nappy rash with an anti-fungal (just in case) and told me to stop with the solids.
She hasn't got a temp but now has a cough and is sneezing. She is generally ok but is feeding non-stop. Has anyone any experience of this type of thing? The rash is a little better and looks a lot like a heat rash.

Aero Wed 20-Jul-05 12:56:44

No real knowledge, but didn't want to ignore your thread so bumping it up for you. I should just keep up with the treatment though as it seems to be helping and hopefully it'll all be cleared up soon.

Whizzz Wed 20-Jul-05 18:40:35


Twiglett Wed 20-Jul-05 18:44:20

well the gp sounds very sensible to me .. the rash is probably connected to the virus that is giving her cold /cough symptoms .. the extra feeding is a mixture of comfort and need for calories to help fight off the bug

stick with it .. she'll be fine

tatt Thu 21-Jul-05 10:05:14

what food had she had? Did the gp suggest antihistamine (they sometimes prescribe it under 1 although it may not say safe on OTC stuff)? I wouldn't panic about allergies yet, it could just be the heat. Still won't do any harm to wean carefully and with a bottle of antihistamine handy.

koalabear Thu 21-Jul-05 10:11:54

chicken pox?

bobbybob Fri 22-Jul-05 06:24:34

Which solids had you introduced Eaney?

jabberwocky Fri 22-Jul-05 06:28:38

DS has gotten a rash all over his torso at least 2 or 3 times. The dr. said in all cases that it was virus related and it did go away after several days. I was a bit concerned, but nothing else happened and he was fine after a bit.

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