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Doctor thinks ds is allergic to his POTTY!

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RnB Fri 15-Jul-05 20:06:47

Message withdrawn

Socci Fri 15-Jul-05 20:32:01

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Fri 15-Jul-05 20:32:26

Message withdrawn

mandyc66 Fri 15-Jul-05 20:40:31

Do you use any anti-bac on it that could cause this?

RnB Fri 15-Jul-05 21:03:07

Message withdrawn

mandyc66 Fri 15-Jul-05 21:05:30

if he were allergic to plastic would he not react to cup etc? Maybe its the heat? or have you changed nappies wipes etc ?

RnB Fri 15-Jul-05 21:11:15

Message withdrawn

mandyc66 Fri 15-Jul-05 21:20:31

well stop using them and see what happens!
I am suprised gp didnt suggest this...or am I?!!!!!

RnB Sat 16-Jul-05 06:50:31

Message withdrawn

mandyc66 Sat 16-Jul-05 07:06:43

morning!!! hope it helps I mean noe one wants a spotty botty when they use the potty!!!!

tatt Sat 16-Jul-05 07:13:05

suspect the wipes before the potty. Even if they were ones you'd used before its still possible to develop an allergy to them. Hopefully sudocrem is helping with the soreness, although I was amazed how much it stings when I used some on me

mandyc66 Sat 16-Jul-05 07:14:37

do you have a sore bottom too?

RnB Sat 16-Jul-05 07:22:36

Message withdrawn

mandyc66 Sat 16-Jul-05 07:24:26

my ds1 was allergic to Diprobase so watch out..doesnt mean yours will be though!!!

RnB Sat 16-Jul-05 07:28:00

Message withdrawn

mandyc66 Sat 16-Jul-05 07:36:20

it brought him out in blisters I think..long time ago!!! He had very sensitive skin then. Sudocreme was all I could use

KiwiKate Sun 17-Jul-05 07:32:18

DS reacted badly to wipes early on. Used a wet thin face cloth for wiping anything messy, but have recently progressed to toilet paper.

What else does he wear on his bottom? Undies? Have you bought new bedding? Have you tried changing washing powders.

DS had a couple of angry blistery reactions on legs and bottom - we now think it was a new duvet cover (he slept with his shirt on, but no pants). We gave it several good hot washes before using it again, and that stopped the rashes (although after that he seemed really sensitive to warm baths for a few weeks - but it is winter here in New Zealand - so cool baths are out of the question). We were just cautious about which soaps we used for a while, and made sure all the soap was well rinsed from his clothes. It cleared up totally in a couple of weeks with no medication required.

The rash was very violent blistery stuff, though. Very scary.

Fran1 Sun 17-Jul-05 08:57:01

what does the rash look like?

I think stopping kandoo is a very good idea i bought some but stopped using them on dd becuase they are very perfumed.

He could well just have very sensitive skin and when sat on the potty the plastic makes him sweat and cause a sort of heatrash.
I get this when in bikinis, if my bottom and thighs come into contact with plastics i end up with really itchy rash. In fact anything can cause me to get an itchy rash, and its far worse in the heat so i always liken it to heat rash.
Lots of cool baths and moisturising with Aveeno helps.

mandyc66 Sun 17-Jul-05 22:42:28

hows the bot?!

RnB Sun 17-Jul-05 23:41:19

Message withdrawn

Flum Mon 18-Jul-05 00:22:51

Why don't you use a china one. We have a lovely antique one my mum potty trained us on.

tatt Mon 18-Jul-05 06:24:32

I don't know that much about contact allergies, either. Its just that my midwife was very strict about not allowing wet wipes anywhere near a child's bottom - "or they will get a bd rash" I know lots of people do use wet wipes quite happily but for allergic children she was probably right.

mandyc66 I did a sore bottom after pregnancy but the sudocrem was when I needed something antiseptic for a scrape on my arm

mandyc66 Mon 18-Jul-05 12:37:03

glad it has cleared up!!!

KiwiKate Tue 19-Jul-05 04:41:17

If he continues with the rash, why not try a week with no wipes at all? It might make all the difference. Some of the wipes are so strong they will take permanent marker stains out of fabric! No wonder they can cause a rash!

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