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Peanut oil in babywipes??

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yellow Fri 15-Jul-05 13:32:39

Read an article the other day that said some baby wipes have peanut oil in?! (it's called something else, though did not say what) and apparently it can cause serious nut allergies in babies when they get older!! Does anyone know anything about this?

tatt Fri 15-Jul-05 14:11:35

never heard of it but peanut does get everywhere and wouldn't have thought to check at the time we used them. It has been in some creams for eczema/sore nipples

bobbybob Sun 17-Jul-05 08:43:58

Arachis oil, it's also in most nappy creams of the zinc and castor oil variety. Because they are not food the peanut does not need to be listed, although it is getting better - always check with prescription cream.

This is how ds got allergic to peanuts after I didn't eat a single one whilst pg and breastfeeding.

Chandra Sun 17-Jul-05 09:41:43

Bobbybob, have you heard that early exposure to soya can also be related? unfortunately, soya is even more popular in creams and food products than arachis oil. And sure, the first thing we tried when we suspected an intolerance to milk was soya formula so not sure what was actually worse or if any of them is the culprit

bobbybob Sun 17-Jul-05 19:57:39

I avoided soya for the same reason as peanut - and probably much more effectively as it hasn't been sneaked into lots of baby stuff YET.

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