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nhs direct advice

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bridewolf Wed 10-Feb-10 09:16:33

just wondering if any of you have rung up nhs direct, regarding your allergies, and were you happy with the advice they gave you?

recently rang them for support for the after effects of a allergic reaction that my son has had, (many ige allergies) and was asked if i had ever thought of trying homeopathy?

which of course doent help with a ige allergy...

so wondered if anyone else has had this sort of experience?

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AnnaV Wed 10-Feb-10 17:26:13

Seriously? I'd report them if I were you - what a ridiculous, and unhelpful, thing to say!

bridewolf Sun 14-Feb-10 20:42:14

have reported this incident , and its being sorted.

has anyone else have any problems with nhs direct and allergy advice?

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Skimty Wed 17-Feb-10 20:31:59

DD had an obvious reaction to peanut butter at 6 months -swollen eyes, nettle rash. I phoned them and they said not to worry and absolutely no need to contact GP. If I was really worried could get her piriton from a pharmacist. Pharmacists can't give piriton out to under 1s without a prescription I took her to GP who took it very seriously. She has now been diagnosed with peanut, treenut, sesame and egg allergies. I'm glad I didn't listen to them!

babybarrister Thu 18-Feb-10 21:54:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tatt Fri 19-Feb-10 10:30:03

have never thought of trying nhs direct. I second the unhelpful people at a&e, though. Went there once, epipen ready in case it was needed for a potential anaphylactic reaction. It had responded to piriton before we got there but as we were nearly there by then we went in to ask advice on arranging further allergy tests. They were unhelpful and they didn't mention a potential secondary reaction/ offer to monitor for a few hours either.

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