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Insect repellent for 18mo with sensitive skin/eczema?

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franch Mon 04-Jul-05 17:39:54

Can anyone recommend anything for our holidays? Thanks

franch Mon 04-Jul-05 18:59:21


Mojomummy Mon 04-Jul-05 19:18:02

What about this ?

Essential Care - Organic Mosimix- 60ml

I'll be buyng it for next year.We had a mosquito net,which is ok as long as you don't trap a mosquito in .

Wouldn't bother with one of those ladybird buzzer things, didn't seem to make any difference & the battery wore out after 1 night

jabberwocky Mon 04-Jul-05 19:31:29

We use Burt's Bees. It's all natural and seems to work really well.

franch Mon 04-Jul-05 19:54:40

Excellent - many thanks jabber & mojo

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