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egg allergy - when will it go and breastfeeding question..

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valentine Fri 24-Jun-05 14:34:35

My DS (18 months) is allergic to eggs - I have heard that this normally goes by the time a child is 5 years old. Does anyone have experience of this? ALso, I am pregnant and while I have been eating eggs/egg products during my pregnancy - I am not sure what to do when I breastfeed the new baby. Any suggestions? Finally, the consultant told me not to give DS any nuts as there is a good chance he will develop a nut allergy (as he is egg allergic) - at the moment according to blood test he is not allergic to peanuts or tree nuts - any views? (before the Dr told us this we had given DS peanut butter a number of times and he is fine with this...but there is obviously a difference between peanuts and tree nuts...

JELLYJELLY Fri 24-Jun-05 15:07:23

The first time you give a child anything it will not develop into an allergy but the second time it is introduced it could because the body remembers and will have produced antibodies. My son is 2.5 years and he is still allergic.

My son also has an nuts allergy so we dont give anything in nuts. He has has pictachio but that it is, i ate loads of snickers when pregnant so i have to be really careful when i next give him anything in nuts because the first time will have passed over the placenta.

Alot of heath visitors are advising not to give peanut butter until they are about 5.

Are you doing the mmr because this has egg in it or have you already done it?

From the point of breatfeeding what do you mean?

In a rush so apologise about the spelling.

Orinoco Fri 24-Jun-05 21:31:55

Message withdrawn

bobbybob Sat 25-Jun-05 09:33:18

MMR does not have egg in it jellyjelly.

Babies with allergic tendencies can be allergic to anything - there is conflicting evidence about avoiding things your first child was allergic to in last trimester and whilst breastfeeding. Taking probiotics has been shown to help in a couple of studies now - and it can't do any harm so is worth trying.

My DS is allergic to eggs, but can now tolerate me eating small amounts of cooked egg (for instance a slice of cake every now and then) and breastfeeding him. He is older than your ds though.

The more you expose your ds to nuts at such a young age when he is atopic the more he is likely to develop an allergy at some stage in the future - sorry, I think you should stop the peanut butter - it's not essential.

JELLYJELLY Sun 26-Jun-05 23:57:26

We were told it was made from cultured egg like the single vacines. I have to believe in what the health professionals have told me. Why is it you think that it doesnt have it in it.?

valentine Mon 27-Jun-05 12:17:37

Both the MMR and most singles have egg in them - but they are v v small amounts of egg and according to Dr LAck (allergy specialist) it is fine to go for the MMR if your child has an egg allergy. Having said that we have gone for singles (but they still have egg in them) b/c of the autism/chrones link (or not?!)

bobbybob Mon 27-Jun-05 20:15:19

It has no egg as in albumen (like the flu vaccine) the original MMR vaccine was cultured on either a chick or a chicken foetus (can't remember). This has the possibility that someone could still react, but it is incredibly unlikely. i found this out by contacting the manufacturer.

However people that are allergic to one thing are more likely to be allergic to another, such as the neomycin it also contains.

Chandra Mon 27-Jun-05 20:22:52

I would stay away of the nuts, I decided when he was 2.3 that as nobody seemed to have nut allergy in my country or DHs that DS would be fine. One peanut and that was it... he has it.

The recommendation is to stay clear of whole nuts until 3 yrs old, or 5yrs if there's a history of allergies.

P>S> I also sutffed myself with snickers while pregnant, I have been wondering abuot the relationship between that and DS's allergies ever since the first allergy was diagnosed.... .

JELLYJELLY Mon 27-Jun-05 20:45:02

I decided that i would live with the consequences so i had to make up my mind and as they have even a very small amount of egg it was not worth the risk.

bobbybob Tue 28-Jun-05 03:38:29

I've found my link,


tatt Wed 29-Jun-05 04:04:03

go on probiotics - some evidence that there is a lower level of allergy in children whose mothers had probiotics before and shortly after birth. Anyway they're good for your immune system More evidence for that helping than there is for avoiding foods when breastfeeding. Put your son on them too as it may help him grow out of the egg allergy faster.

Keep off nuts until 5 because a child with one allergy is more likely to develop others, the first signs may not be very dramatic but later reactions can be worse and they are less likely to grow out of nut allergy. Tree nuts are often stored with peanuts and contaminated by them. Also there is a choking risk.

As far as egg goes you may find he can tolerate yolk but not white as more people react to egg white than yolk. I avoided egg for a time with my son.

valentine Wed 29-Jun-05 14:31:42

What exactly are probitoics/where can I get them? Also the consultant said it was fine for DS to continue with peanuts (peanut butter) as he is v unlikely to deveop an allergy to them as we gave them to him before he was 18 months - although we must still avoid tree nuts as good chance of deveoping allergy to them b/c his egg allergy...

tatt Wed 29-Jun-05 15:47:57

probiotics = good bacteria. They colonise your gut. Find them in live yoghurt or as tablets/ powder in health food stores. People sometimes develop allergies to foods they have eaten safely before but its a lot less likely then a child developing one to something they've never eaten/ only eaten once.

foxinsocks Wed 29-Jun-05 19:43:16

Dd (who will be 5 in August) has an egg allergy and there is no doubt in my mind that she is starting to outgrow it. She is now fine with cakes and stuff with egg in it - I think over the summer holidays I will try her with some well cooked scrambled egg and see how she does. Beforehand, even foods with egg in them (like cake) would cause her problems (she also had the MMR at 18months in the GP surgery with no problems).

I wouldn't give your ds any nuts anyway. How a consultant can say he has a good chance he will develop a nut allergy is beyond me but as bobbybob says, some children do tend to be more allergic than others - just because your ds has an egg allergy, that does not mean a nut allergy will follow. Here in the UK, we are advised to give no nut products till they are 5 so we have followed that guidance.

I can't see any harm eating egg products when you're pregnant - I have 2 children and followed the same type of diet with both when breastfeeding and pregnant. Ds has no obvious allergies but dd had a milk, soya and egg allergy when she was a baby. So who knows how that all works.

Although dd is definitely outgrowing her egg allergy, I have a dh who has an egg and chicken allergy (gets bad eczema from these) so unfortunately it is possible not to outgrow them.

foxinsocks Wed 29-Jun-05 19:50:02

sorry I sounded a bit rude about the consultant - we were never made aware that egg allergy lead to any other allergy (and we saw a top specialist in London). I'm aware that latex allergy can have pointers (banana and kiwi for example) but I'm surprised that he's been so specific.

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