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Suncream and Spots!

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Blackduck Sun 19-Jun-05 11:52:37

DS doesn't suffer from eczema or anything like that, but twice this year he has come out in a rash following having suncream put on. I can't work out if it is an allergic reaction or if it is just a heat rash (suncream put on him on Friday - Sat morning had red blotches on face - now a fine rash...) Anyone had experience of this and any suggestions? He's fine in himslef - just doesn't look very attractive

KBear Sun 19-Jun-05 13:01:30

My DD got spots from suncream - MIL gave me a Avon facial suncream and I hope this solves it.

pleaserewind Sun 19-Jun-05 13:09:09

i can't work it out with my ds either. It's either the suncream or the actual sun that does it but he's been the best with calypso suncream that i got from matalan. The ones that claim to be hypoallergenic and good for alergies are always really bad for my son.

tillykins Sun 19-Jun-05 13:18:21

My DS has red spots all over today! I was wondering if it were the suncream or the heat
They don't seem to be bothering him though, so I am just going to wait and see - hope its just heat, cos the suncream is Boots for Kids stuff and I am assuming (probably wrongly!) its a decent one!

Blackduck Sun 19-Jun-05 15:56:56

Sounds like you guys are seeing what I'm seeing - maybe it is just the heat.....?

erinsmom Sun 19-Jun-05 16:12:32

does he get spots no matter what you put on him?the reason i ask is because i suffer from something called polymorphic light eruption,ive had it for years but only recently found out its an actual allergy to sunlight .it tends to arrive may be a few days after ive been in the sun but i dont go out in sunlight if i can help it,if i have no choice about being out,like a day out or something the rash appears almost immediately,very fine red spots mainly on my arms but can be anywhere, i find nothing really helps to take the rash down except staying in and further time out in the sun makes it worse,you can get a steroid cream called fluocinola from the gp or if anyone goes to spain over the counter ,other than that anti- histamine every day. but it could be a simple cream allergy,just wanted to share this with you as even some of my doctors have mis diagnosed it as prickly heat for years.

Blackduck Sun 19-Jun-05 16:45:57

erinsmom - I don't think it is what you have, because it doesn't happen all the time - last summer he was fine - but I wondered whether he was/is allergic to partic suncreams, or if it is just heat rash. I actually get heat rash myself (usually on the feet) if its really warm....

erinsmom Sun 19-Jun-05 17:40:49

i dont get it all the time only when the rays are really strong,every time abroad,but not all the time in england it seems to vary,but i dont know if its on the strenghth of the uv rays!!!!!!

Blackduck Sun 19-Jun-05 17:45:59

Well I'll certainly keep an eye on it....

singersgirl Sun 19-Jun-05 18:32:37

DS1 is allergic to some suncreams - goes red all over after Nivea, and Coppertone brings him out in an itchy dry rash. He's OK with Ambre Solaire, Boots' Soltan and an Aussie brand called Hamiltons. So could deffo be suncream!

Fifi1976 Sat 25-Jun-05 15:51:48

My ds had a rash roung his neck after I put his on, especially under his chin. I wondered if this was more down to the heat and his sweat re-acting to the cream? May try another one to see if it happens again.

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