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Baby gone bright red all over

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Sheilsie Tue 10-Nov-09 21:45:04

My DD, whose 1st birthday is on Saturday, went red all over (from head to toe) at nursery today and was dead itchy. It wasn't hives (she's had them before, plus vomitting, due to cows milk allergy), but rather a more uniform redness. Also very different to her eczema. The piriton does not seem to have helped much and the GP says we can give a second dose later this evening. It looks like an allergic reaction and came on right after her afternoon snack, but I can't work out what caused it as no new foods tried (unless she's suddenly become allergic to wheat). The GP mentioned that it could have been brought on by a virus and, right enough, DD has a cold and has been a bit off colour/lethargic over the last few days.

Does anyone else have experience of an all over, uniform redness and, if so, know what caused it?

Think this experience has totally traumatised the nursery worker - she told me she was in tears over it!


topiarygal Wed 11-Nov-09 07:31:08

my lad who was massively allergic to everything at that age had a similar thing - it was viral and the rash, though scary, was no trouble at all and just part of the virus. Hopefully it's the same for you here. Hope he's feeling better

Bilbomum Wed 11-Nov-09 10:13:09

This happened to my ds when he was about 18 months. He has a severe milk allergy and managed to get hold of a tiny piece of milk chocolate. He vomited about 10 minutes after eating and then went scarlett from head to toe. His breathing also seemed affected though so it was a trip to A&E for us.

Like you said, it was very different to his usual eczema and he also itched madly. We knew he'd ingested something he was allergic to though so instantly realised what it was. A&E gave a massive dose of Piriton which eventually calmed everything down but I don't think it would have responded to a normal dose.

I can appreciate the nursery workers trauma, it freaked me out and I knew what had happened.

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