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Am at a loss: anaphylactic reaction to pollen at this time of year???

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topiarygal Mon 09-Nov-09 20:10:50

DS had another non-food related reaction last week (just coming down to earth again). He's 7, grown out of dairy, fish, egg, gluten allergy and is now left with kiwi and hazlenut allergy. Both of which he goes into anaphylaxis with on contact.
Last week we were outdoors (watching fireworks) and when we came in he took his jumper off over his head and got itchy and launched into a full on reaction. after a joyous night in A&E, I'm now wondering what pollens might be out there at this time of year because he's had two non-food reactions at the same time of year before. We've tested for mould, fungus and birch pollens and they are all negative. Any ideas? Has anyone else had this experience? Does this mean he can't go out at this time of year? He's already on permanent antihistamine and I've no idea what else to do - anyone? help?

tatt Mon 09-Nov-09 21:13:46

weed pollen probably - see leaflet here

Unfortunately can't think of a lot that would help. Vaseline around the nose traps pollen spores but as he's so sensitive that might not help. Clothes that can be taken off with less facial contact (e.g zip up hoodie) might help - and keep pollen off his hair too.

I did read something that said dehydration increased histamine production so I make sure my allergic child is always hydrated. Smoke can make inhaled allergens worse so you'd need to keep upwind of any firework smoke/ bonfires. It's all clutching at straws really - have you considered desensitisation?

GrimmaTheNome Mon 09-Nov-09 21:15:59

Ivy is about the latest thing you see bees clustering on - maybe that's still active?

BlueBumedFly Mon 09-Nov-09 21:17:09

Ragweed is sept for a few months, I would put money on that.

tinytalker Mon 09-Nov-09 23:32:16

Just a thought..... is he allergic to animals?
My dd has many allergens including dogs, cats and rabbits but is anaphylactic to horse dander. The last time she ended up in A&E we hadn't even been near a horse (we live in Greater London!!!) however someone we stopped to talk to on the street had been riding that morning.
Could it be animal dander?

topiarygal Tue 10-Nov-09 23:25:26

Thank you all - had his consultant call me tonight at 8pm (the NHS can be great!) so we're testing for more stuff. Good idea on hydration and vaseline but I feel I'm clutching at straws. Even if I find out what's causing this I can't see how on earth i can keep my son safe. Does anyone else feel so helpless about this? tx

tatt Wed 11-Nov-09 09:55:56

lovely consultant, there are some great doctors.

You could try the medinose devices to see if they help - cheaper version available in Lloyds. I'm a bit nervous about recommending them for children because the long term effect of the light is not known and theoretically could increase the risk of cancer. Something to discuss uses it as he might not survive to old age (before I murdered him) without it grin.

Unfortunately allergic kids do sometimes grow into new allergies. It may be desirable to retest some of the ones he's been negative to before.

When we got epipens for our allergic child I cried. It was partly fear of the future but also relief that at last I would be able to do something. You cannot avoid reactions in your child but you can ensure they are well managed when they happen.

tatt Wed 11-Nov-09 09:57:23

Lost a bit of the message there - something to discuss with the consultant maybe. I make sure OH uses it (the medinose type thing)

topiarygal Wed 11-Nov-09 11:43:51

Tatt that's really interesting, I'd not heard of medinose but will chat to consultant about it.
You are right, I know I have the epi-pen and I can treat (and we do regularly) it's just occassionally I get down again (like last night - big glass of wine and a sob!). Sorry to vent on you all!
It's the non-food reactions that worry me. So many kind people have my son for tea, the school is great but if he starts to have reactions just playing outside it becomes a big ask for them.
BUT overall the biggest thing I've learnt through my son having such a sever allergy problem is that people are so very thoughtful and willing to help.
Anyway will try the hoodie - great idea thank you! And the medinose will be on my list of things to discuss with the consultant.
You're all stars!

tatt Wed 11-Nov-09 12:24:03

sometimes we all need to vent and we can't do it where the kids can hear so where better than mumsnet?

Medinose couldn't help with food allergy, obviously, it's just for inhaled allergens.

topiarygal Wed 11-Nov-09 14:18:09

ok, so it might not be the total answer for my lad but may help.
He's on nasonex to help relieve inhaled allergens and on nightly antihistamine (desloratadine) to try to manage his general allergic reactions. But his non-food reactions are inhaled and touch - so it might help with the inhaled.
Are you familiar with Medinose?

tatt Wed 11-Nov-09 17:57:07

Depend what you mean by familiar. It looks like this medinose but we have the cheaper version here lloyds

We call it rudolph as it makes your nose glow red.

topiarygal Wed 11-Nov-09 19:31:02

Very seasonal!

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