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Nutramigen with Breast Milk

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MsWilson Fri 23-Oct-09 19:12:22

DD (who is 3mos) was diagnosed today with lactose intolerance and Paeditrician prescribed Nutramigen and said to start it straight away, with at least 2 feeds a day. (I am still BF, have been diary free for a week now and am going to try to stay diary free if I can...)

The bottle says 180mls with 6 scoops. I made a bottle with 180ml of expressed BM and 5 scoops, does this seems ok? Is it ok to subsitute EBM directly for the amount of water recommended?

I hope to continue to express and add to Nutramigen until my milk is clean in two weeks.
Does this sound like a sensible thing to do or should I just be using water for these feeds and just expressing off the feed I would have given her?

Many thanks!

MsWilson Fri 23-Oct-09 19:13:09

..sorry.. dairy free!!!

thisisyesterday Fri 23-Oct-09 19:17:45

why do u need to give the formula?

if she is lactose intolerant then she wouldn't be able to have breastmilk at all because it naturally contains lactose.
being dairy free yourself won't stop your breastmilk containing lactose

ds2 was intolerant to cows milk protein and going dairy free helped him, i never supplemented with formula

i guess what i am saying is, if it's ok to contunue breastfeeding why can't you exclusively breastfeed?
and if the paed thinks your breastmilk isn't the right thing to be giving, then surely you should be doing all formula?

formula needs to be made up with water, as per the instructiosn

MsWilson Fri 23-Oct-09 19:34:18

She has been falling off the weight percentiles (from 75th to below 25th) so he wanted to give her an extra boost to get her weight up. He said I can still BF but to supplement with the Nutramigen for 2 feeds a day in the short term to get her weight up. He said I could still BF if I went totally non-dairy...otherwise to stop BF and go onto the Nutramigen..

Gumps Fri 23-Oct-09 20:20:46

I think def water. Always follow the tin. Also get paed's no and ring in the morning to check. Mine are really good about this. If no luck ring GP.

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