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Replacing ground almonds in a recipe

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TheBlairSnitchProject Wed 21-Oct-09 15:03:14

Wasn't sure whether to post this in 'Christmas' or 'Allergies' but have gone with Allergies as I guess you guys will have the most experience with adapting recipes...

I want to make a Christmas pudding this year and ahve found a recipe I like the look of but one of the ingredients is ground almonds.

Both DH and I are Atopic so I have been avoiding nuts with my 2 year old DS and also avoiding eating them myself as I am pregnant again and due the week before Christmas (at which point I hope to be breastfeeding). So far DS shows no sign of any nut allergy.

My Brother has a nut intolerance (Almonds being one specifically mentioned in his report) too and will be joining us for Christmas dinner so I'd rather leave them out for his sake too.

Does anyone know what I should do about the recipe though? Do I just leave out the 100g of Ground Almonds or will this make the mix too wet? Should I replace the almonds with plain flour? More self raising flour (there is already 250g in the recipe)?

Any help would be appreciated. TIA

Lilymaid Wed 21-Oct-09 15:06:35

Ground rice has a reasonably similar texture, so is a possibility, but I'd be tempted just to increase the flour but to use wholewheat flour instead of white flour.

3littlefrogs Wed 21-Oct-09 15:10:58

semolina. (the dried variety in a packet, not the pudding in a tingrin). This was always used during rationing as a substitute.

pointyhat Wed 21-Oct-09 15:18:52

I'd just add a bit more flour

TheBlairSnitchProject Wed 21-Oct-09 15:21:04

Thank you for such quick replies!!

I'm very tempted with just replacing the flour as I wanted to make them today and I'd have to go out shopping again to get Ground Rice or Semolina. <lazy emoticon> grin

Will keep them both in mind though. I have the whole of Christmas dinner to do for my Brother and it will need more changes I'm sure..

bruffin Wed 21-Oct-09 16:15:17

I have used semalina, it does make it slightly drier and a slightly courser texture, but perfectly acceptable alternative.

3littlefrogs Wed 21-Oct-09 16:41:09

The only thing about adding extra flour, is that you end up with a doughy texture that is not really like the texture of the ground almonds IYSWIM. Although if you didn't have the semolina, I am sure it would be perfectly acceptable.

Ivykaty44 Wed 21-Oct-09 16:43:20

I have never added ground almonds to xmas pud - bread crumbs in the recipe? If not add the same amount to make up

Ivykaty44 Wed 21-Oct-09 16:43:39

or vegetarian suet

pointyhat Wed 21-Oct-09 18:13:01

I tend to think you could leave out the almonds without adding anything extra. Not that I'm an expert

TheBlairSnitchProject Thu 22-Oct-09 08:02:00

I could try it and see if the mix is very wet without it...

Problem is, I've never made the recipe before so I'm not sure what it should look like IYSWIM

foxinsocks Thu 22-Oct-09 08:03:01

yes I always used to just leave them out and add flour instead

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