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Weaning DD2 when DD1 has allergies....

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anothercoldcupoftea Wed 21-Oct-09 11:39:22

Hi there - DD1 is extremely allergic to dairy and eggs (we have an epipen for her), and has eczema and is, I think, developing asthma.

Going to start weaning DD2 (currently BF) in the next month or so and was wondering what I should do differently? I suspect she may react to dairy, as she was very colicky until I cut dairy out of my diet, and she was then a different baby from the next day onwards.

I asked the HV today, who just said to avoid dairy (and presumably eggs) until 9 months, and then try some on her skin first, which seems sensible. I want to start to introduce some formula from 6 months or so, so I imagine I should try to get some nutramigen on prescription. Does anyone know of any research/guidance that suggests that babies at higher risk of allergies should be kept dairy (or whatever) free until x months? It would be handy to be able to show it to the GP, and also be good to know myself.

Thanks smile

anothercoldcupoftea Thu 22-Oct-09 15:46:49

bump a de bump?

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