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Eczema aggravated by central heating?

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MamaVoo Mon 19-Oct-09 10:33:34

My 23mo son got eczema for the first time last winter but over the warmer months has been fine. We've had the central heating on at times over the past week and I've noticed him looking rashy again. Could this be the cause? We do need the heating on at times or the house is freezing, but is there anything I can do to minimise the effect on his skin?

luciemule Mon 19-Oct-09 11:43:30

My eczema is massively effected by the central heating although the gas fire makes it even worse.
I would make sure, that he only wears cotton, has cotton sheets, duvets etc as it will allow his skin to breathe and or overheat as much.
I had chronic eczema all my life and now, at 32, I can manage it well. I don't over moisturise as I feel it made my skin dependent on it and as soon as I left it too long, my eczema would flare up. So now, I moisturise twice daily and keep applying vaseline to my lips, as they're the worse effected if I have flare ups.

The change in temps can be worse so if your heating is on, try to keep it gradual so there are no huge changes and don't let your DS overheat at all. Better to be cooler than warm or the itching cycle starts.
Can you get a humidifier or put some saucers of water near the rads so that the air doesn't dry out too much?
Have you logged on to the eczema society? They have some great info and where to get further help etc.

MamaVoo Mon 19-Oct-09 12:00:38

Thanks luciemule. I'll get a humidifier and take a look at the eczema society website.

Unfortunately our thermastat is broken so we alternate between having the heating off and then on at full blast for a while, so perhaps this is a factor too. Time to cough up some money for the plumber I think.

luciemule Mon 19-Oct-09 12:17:53

Forgot to mention baths - don't bath him for too long - just short baths to get him clean and then out, patting dry the skin, not rubbing.

madrehayunasola Tue 20-Oct-09 14:47:00

Hi ManaVoo,

Yes, could well be the cause. My almost 4 year old has always had eczema, never terribly bad, but red patches etc... on and off. He is great in the Spring summer and the minute the heating goes on, it's all over his skin. We bath him with Oilatum, no soap at all, and keep the heating to a minimum (and he wears a couple of jumpers in the house, not sure if this is ok but his skin gets better as soon as the heting stops..)

wedgeitt Sat 19-Dec-09 17:04:11

My little boy who's nearly 3 has had eczema since he was a baby and although it is now under control with bath oils, creams and antihistamines he still flares up in winter cos the central heating dries out his skin. The only way around it ive found is to put 2 or 3 times as much cream on as normal to keep the skin hydrated.

ShakeAndVac Wed 25-Sep-13 22:54:51

Yes, I know this is a zombie thread, but I'm resurrecting it as it's still relevant to eczema sufferers! (I found the thread by googling and it brought me straight back to mumsnet!)
Central heating DEFINITELY aggravates eczema, as I can painfully sympathise with your small one.
We've had to have the central heating on the past few days as it's been freezing, and I've had a bad flare up skin wise as it's been on in the bedroom. (Didn't realise the radiator in our room wasn't turned off.)
Turn the radiator down in your small ones room if possible as full whack heat will exacerbate the problem and make them feel really itchy and uncomfortable, and possibly keep them awake at night scratching and making themselves feel worse in the long run. Not to mention disturb their sleep! (Like I was last night, wahhh sad )
Loose fitting, 100 per cent cotton pyjamas, with 100 per cent cotton sheets and covers.
Damp dust all the surfaces as well such as bookcases (ie, wet cloth, wrung out, and use to dust the surfaces. NO polishes or whatnot)
A bowl of water on the windowsill as well to moisten the air.
They'll definitely be more comfortable and less red looking after all that.

lotta78 Wed 13-Nov-13 21:00:48

I just read this thread and am shocked that central heating can cause this!
My 2.5 yr old daughter (whose diet I watch very carefully) has just started to have red itchy patches in the bends of her knees. Really upsets me as I thought she didn't inherit my annoying eczema. And I always thought it was food related! Cutting out all dairy, sugar, white flour just to name a few things.

It's the same here, the heating started to come on and the rash appeared. Now my question, where would I find a 100%cotton cover? Is there such a thing? am a bit of a health freak but have never heard of this. And clothes wise, does wool aggregate the condition too?

Also, what do you use to clean the house with? Bicarb, Bio-D? and washing powder, is there anything that's not harmful or dries out the skin?
I would be very grateful for any advice on the subject, so frustrating when you are doing everything to ensure the little ones are happy and healthy :-)

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