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Anyone have experience of fructose malabsortion ?

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Airliebird Mon 19-Oct-09 09:14:30


Whilst reading another thread the other day i stumbled across a link to fructose malabsortion (sorry can't remember which thread blush

Well anyways i had a read through and it seems to fit my DD's symptoms - for as long as i can remember her nappys have varied from sloppy to watery sorry tmi.

2 weeks ago she unfortunalty had a bug but was better last week but the only fruit she had was banana - all she wanted and since then her nappies are what i would describe as normal -

Also she is on a dairy free diet at the moment as dairy causes a problem for her too.

Has anyone else had experience of fructose malabsortion or know where to get anymore information on the subject ?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated

Airliebird Fri 23-Oct-09 09:18:14

Anyone ???

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