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Banana Cake Recipie

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LittleMarshmallow Thu 15-Oct-09 16:05:08

thought i would post this incase anyone was looking for a cake recipie.
Wheat / gluten & Diary free

2 bananas
150g of wheat / gluten free flour
2 eggs
150g of sugar
150g of butter (I used pure butter)

mash up two bananas into a spare bowl
weigh all ingredients
then blend the butter and sugar together
add the eggs to the butter / sugar mixture and beat well
add in flour next again stirring well
last add in bananas or any fruit / chocolate chips etc

pour mixture into cake tins and put into over @ 200 degrees for around 25 minutes (dependent on oven)

then leave to cool and you have awesome tasting cake.

** if the cake mixture is a little to thick before you add the banana you can add a little soya milk to make it more runny

Hope you enjoy

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