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Allergy friendly North Cornwall

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CMOTdibbler Mon 05-Oct-09 09:53:25

Just back from a stay near Bude, and had a totally fantastic time - and good food. Last time we were there, we found a fab cafe in Launceton that did GF/DF food, and went back there for me to have a GF lasagna and cake.

Found a farm shop on the A39 in St Kew (turn for the golf club) which bake their own GF stuff on a Thursday, and had cake, scones, choc brownies and bread. Best carrot cake I have ever had.

Cafe in Bude (think it was called Fresh, right by the war memorial garden), with GF bread and cakes, also offer soy, oat and rice milk

Cafe at the Atlantic Village, Bideford (almost opposite The Big Sheep), do GF quiche, gala pie, sausage rolls and cake, and v nice

Might be useful to someone to know these !

MrsGokVantsyourblood Mon 05-Oct-09 11:11:50

Very useful to know thank you very much.

Have book marked for our trip next year grin

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