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DD's father with asthma- should i wean DD on alergy avoidance foods

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GYo Sun 27-Sep-09 11:18:13

My DH has asthma, has had it since small child. He also has hayfever, dust allergy and a slight allergy to some nuts but not peanuts (not anaphalactic). He also had ezcema as child but not now.

I have been aware that DD could inherit his allergic-ness so during pregnancy I didnt eat nuts and i have eaten very few whilst BFing her.

Now starting BLW (she is 6months) and am very confused about whether to go down the road of avoiding gluten, dairy, certain foods etc.

Part of me thinks we should assume she wont be allergic, give her standard diet and watch her carefully, but im also worried about triggering an allergy by doing this.

Does anyone have any advice?

thank you grin

Laugs Sun 27-Sep-09 11:36:47

Not sure of the official advice, but I have asthma/ hayfever/ a bit of ezcema and weaned DD assuming she would't be allergic to anything. (I don't have food allergies though).

I would just watch carefully each time you introduce something new and try not to worry too much. It's normal to introduce the potentially allergenic foods a little bit later anyway. Weaning is an exciting time! smile

bridewolf Sun 27-Sep-09 11:42:35

agree with above advice.

does baby have any signs of allergies?
ezcema /asthma etc?

if yes, get further medical advice, but otherwise wean as normal.

as for 'mild allergy only' for father, was that from being given medical advice ? or just based on previous mild reactions?

GYo Sun 27-Sep-09 12:39:19

thanks for replies

She isnt showing any signs as yet. Not sure what to look for with ezcema though, is it quite obvious?

DH's asthma is severe and he spent much of his childhood in and out of hospital. Fine now but controlled by drugs. Ezcema gone. Nuts- he just steers clear of certain nuts as they makes his mouth go funny. No other food allergies.

Laugs Sun 27-Sep-09 13:10:57

Unless it was severe, with ezcema you'd just be looking for irritated/ very dry patches of skin . They often appear around the back of the knees or my DD gets a tiny bit on her sides. Your baby would probably be scratching it.

I think (unless just generally atopic) asthma and hayfever are more associated with airborne allergies: house dust mites, pet hairs, pollen, cigarette smoke etc than food.

GYo Mon 28-Sep-09 11:44:07

Thanks Laugs.

Will wean as if no issue. Had a look behind her knees and over body and skin is fine.

Fingers crossed she will stay that way.

tatt Mon 28-Sep-09 21:10:32

the evidence for when to introduce foods is pretty weak but there is some to suggest that wheat is best introduced before 7 months and ideally while still breastfeeding. It may also help to give her probiotics and/or for you to take them while breastfeeding.

It's always sensible to introduce one new food at a time and start with low allergenic foods like rice, pears and lamb. Also to have a bottle of piriton handy so that if there is any sign of a serious problem you can do something. It says on the box not to give under 1 but in a real emergency you can.

There are some suggestions that a diet high in fruit and veg may reduce the risk of getting asthma. Good luck.

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