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plant allergy?

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SecretNinjaChipmunk Tue 22-Sep-09 20:47:16

not sure if i'm posting this in the right place but this is the second time in recent weeks this has happened to me and i am wondering if something in my garden has caused it.
I get dermatitis on my hands on and off and i think this is caused by using chemicals when i was at college (textiles) and also too much washing up which is also what makes them flare up however i have had a reaction on my face. my eyes start off feeling very bruised but look ok and over about 2 days they start getting really puffy and my skin gets very rough and itchy. i've been trying to narrow down what it might be and so far i think it might be something from my garden - does anyone know if rhubarb plants can make you react? or tomato plants? they are the only thing i can think of that it might be at the moment. any bright suggestions or advice greatly welcomed as if possible i don't want this to come back a third time!

CMOTdibbler Tue 22-Sep-09 20:49:49

My mum is violently allergic to tomato plants - they set her eczema off a treat.

tatt Tue 22-Sep-09 22:18:02

Worst plants for dermatitis are, I think, primula, chrysanthemum, geranium and cineraria. But tomato could be the cause.

SecretNinjaChipmunk Tue 22-Sep-09 22:32:36

we do have geraniums in the garden but i don't remember going anywhere near them either time. i'm reckoning it must either be the rhubarb or the tomatos. apart from steroid cream is there anythng else you can do to make it go away. i'm not so keen on using the steroid cream on my face if it keeps happening.

tatt Wed 23-Sep-09 16:30:29

piriton might help - or gloves when you handle the tomato plants smile

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