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Wasp allergy - Epipen at school - what to do at cubs?

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ibbydibby Sat 19-Sep-09 09:48:06

DS2 has had previous bad reaction to wasp sting, and has been prescribed with EPipen and Piriton, for which we have had a care plan drawn up at school. All seems to be working well, and touch wood, we have never had to use Epipen (though has had 2 wasp stings since bad one - but GP still thinks we need EPipen - fine.)

However DS2 goes to cubs, and although we have told them about the wasp allergy, I feel they are not really "listening". He takes Epipen and Piriton to cubs every week in the same v distinctive bag and hangs it on his peg. We have mentioned it to cub leaders several times and they say they are aware, but I have a niggling doubt about they went on visit to church one evening (walked from scout hut) and on returning home DS2 told me that he had taken his Epipen with him. His decision, no-one had told him to. DS2 is 8 years old, and possibly considered old enough to carry his own medication.

What do others do in this situation? Is it usual have a care plan at cubs? Copy the school one? Am I expecting too much of the leaders?

BlueBumedFly Sat 19-Sep-09 10:01:01

No it is not too much to ask. If the leaders of the clubs have said he is ok to attend and they are allergy first aid trained (which there must be at least one) then you can ask for more support. Have you got the epipen training video? It's quite archaic but we used to make sure all club readers saw it before the start of a new club. I think you may be able to get them from the anaphylaxis society?

I know there is a training video on the Epipen website, perhaps take a laptop in one day at a pre arranged time and go through it with them?

piscesmoon Sat 19-Sep-09 10:18:34

I would ask them if they know what to do-they don't seem to be taking it seriously enough. As a Beaver leader I had a little boy with altergies to a lot of things. He always had his epipen. I was very worried so his mother arranged with the school that I would go along when they were doing a staff training on it. I only took a very short time and I was much happier-I felt that I could cope (luckily I never had to). It isn't too much to ask.

piscesmoon Sat 19-Sep-09 10:19:16


tatt Sun 20-Sep-09 19:10:35

Do you have a trainer epipen? If not you can often get them from the manufacturer. I always found it useful to first demonstrate on me then ask the adults to practise on themselves. They don't hurt and an adult who has tried the trainer will better remember what to do. We remember what we do more than what we hear or read. However do reassure them that a real pen is actually easier to use.

alypaly Mon 21-Sep-09 11:20:11

it is normal to have training with epipens as they do at school. Cub and scouts masters will not in general have had the training and wont want the legal responsibility.

tatt Mon 21-Sep-09 11:42:43

they may not want the responsibility but as an organisation the scouts/guides are supposed not to discriminate. Therefore they should be prepared to take people with medical needs. The training is not rocket science.

They probably will expect him to take responsibility for his own epipen, although they should be able to provide back-up if needed. Anaphylaxis can result in rapid collapse. They should take responsibility for calling an ambulance for him in the event of a wasp sting and for keeping him still and calm until it comes. They should be able to use the pen if he is unable to do so or to help reassure him/ remind him of the procedure while he does it.

He is old enough now to practise himself with out of date pens.

ibbydibby Fri 25-Sep-09 07:40:18

Thanks for all your suggestions. I will go back and talk to cub leaders - though will have to think carefully about what I say as I don't want to appear to be telling them what to do. Will investigate trainer pen and video.

Coincidentally DS was v reluctant to go to cubs last night "because of the shouting"!! (big group, new leaders this September - seems they are struggling to keep control...)

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