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I am off to the GP tomorrow -does the following sound like an allergy to something and if so what?

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mynaughtylittlesister Thu 17-Sep-09 20:53:52

Would really welcome some help here.

I work as a teaching assistant in a school - not sure if its relevant !!!

In May I got a very chesty sounding cough, didnt see GP as I thought it was just a cough that just never went away, eventually I developed a sinus infection in July (still had chesty sounding cough) so went to see GP. Indeed I had chest and sinus infection. It took me 3 wks out of 4wks of antibiotics to clear the infection on my chest - this took me almost to the end of August.
I was still coughing but not chesty IYKWIM. But could cope with it.

Went back to school, 2 wks ago, on my 1st day back I did nothing but cough cough cough. It has got to the point that it sounds chesty again, my sinuses have become inflamed again, and I am feeling a tad sorry for myself.

I am normally a person who never suffers from coughs and colds, so I really do not think its just a regular cough/cold, obviously, at this moment in time I dont know if I have yet another chest infection.

Could it be an allergy to something, I have joked this week that I am allergic to school, but on the serious side what could it be?

PS, I have never ever had an allergy to anything!

nigglewiggle Thu 17-Sep-09 21:05:43

It's entirely possible that it is an allergic reaction . My friend, whose sister is a respiratory doctor, had a similar thing. She was sent for chest x-rays etc, but her sister said that the cough was probably resulting from a nasal drip caused by an allergic reaction to something. The chest x-ray came up clear and a prescription for Beconase cleared it up. She still doesn't know what she was allergic to.

Worth heading back to your GP.

mynaughtylittlesister Thu 17-Sep-09 21:19:37

TBH, the last time I saw GP he sent me for a chest X ray and said that if they found anything then they would ring me, I never heard anything so guessed they never found anything.

Hmm, just wonder what it could be. Have been at this job for over 5 yrs, have not changed anything. Unless Sch have, but TBH I am not normally an allergic kind of person. (I am normally a fit and healthy person)

nigglewiggle Fri 18-Sep-09 10:10:26

How did you get on at the docs?

tatt Fri 18-Sep-09 16:06:57

very relevant that you work in a school as children carry lots of infections. So it could be a repeat infection. OTOH an allergic problem could make you more likely to get sinus infections - are you perhaps exposed to more milk at school?

If you gp hasn't already told you what it is it's worth making sure you clean your teeth extra thoroughly and see a dentist. I know it sounds mad but the bacteria in your mouth can get into your sinuses.

mynaughtylittlesister Sun 20-Sep-09 00:04:39

Saw a lovely GP, not my usual.

I have got another chest and sinus infection and so she prescribed me antibiotics, if the antibiotics don't clear then I have a pot to give a sample of muck that comes up to send off.

She thinks that I am allergic to dust mite, especially at school, so thats why I am coughing so much at school.
We shall see, so far have been coughing really badly and now my gums hurt really bad as I walk too.

PS, made me feel good that she thought the dust mit came from school and not home!

tatt Sun 20-Sep-09 08:50:48

I get "tooth ache" every time I have sinus problems. It's referred pain from the sinuses. So your gums probably aren't an issue, although keeping bacteria down in your mouth will still help keep your sinuses clear.

Could be the type of cleaning products used at school that cause problems too. Being OK in holidays and infected when school starts does point to a cleaner home than school grin

alypaly Mon 21-Sep-09 11:23:43

do you cough more at any particular time of day? Try a beconase nasal spray to calm the inside of your nose down. Did doc give you a ventolin inhaler to try and settle your chest down at same time as antibiotics.

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