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HELP think ds has my milk allergy

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donnacb Thu 02-Jun-05 21:41:36

Hi Ive been breast feeding my ds for the 1st six months( due to my milk allergy) and have started weaning. Yesterday i tried him with a jar of hipp organics lamb and vegetables (to see if he likes it before making my own) he had a reaction to it and was covered from head to toe in a rash. The Hv suggested me trying cooking with butter as ds not gaining much weight so cooked some beef in butter the following day bigger more prominent rash. When checking lamb jar it had whole milk in it ( even though it was from 4 months) Does this sound like an allergy to milk???? hes never done this with anything else. If so whats the next step???

tatt Fri 03-Jun-05 15:42:06

if you've tried all the veg in the jar before (and remember its the second time that produces the reaction) then yes it does. Sorry Avoid all cows milk, introduce a probiotic and ask your doctor when they think it would be safe to try milk again. Keep breastfeeding and add probiotics to your diet too. If you have to introduce another milk ask for neocate or pepti junior on prescription. Ask now for a referral to an allergy clinic as you can wait forever.

donnacb Fri 03-Jun-05 18:15:06

Thanks tatt. Have just rung dietician at hospital. she has prescribed nutramigen milk which i think is similar to neocate. Were do you get probiotics from and what do they do?? Still continuing to breast feed but hav eto go back to work in 2 months. DS doesnt take bottles. Thats another problem. hes now trying to type on the computer so anything odd is him.

hermykne Fri 03-Jun-05 19:05:50

probiotics donnach are yakut or actimel,
my ds was the same and i kept breastfeeding, i didnt have to go back to work, but now at 10mths his reacxtions is lessening, it was hives and he did vomit initally.
so i think he will overcome it. i hope - i aint breastfeeding past 12mths.

tatt Sat 04-Jun-05 05:06:09

trouble with nutramigen and neocate is that it can be hard to get babies on to it. Some take it easily so you may be lucky If not ask about pepti junior. Yakut and actimel are dairy based so you'll need to ask the dietician about a non dairy probiotic. I know a couple have been mentioned before on mumsnet or your local health food store might have some.

Food allergies aren't generally supposed to be inherited but you do inherit a tendency to be allergic. So your child may not have inherited your milk allergy and could still grow out of it. Need to be careful with other foods too, though, as they could get a different allergy Alot of children do grow out of food allergies

bobbybob Mon 06-Jun-05 03:54:05

Avoid milk until at least 12 months. Also introduce other allergens later than normal, egg, wheat, fish etc.

Read all labels on food every time.

donnacb Thu 09-Jun-05 22:08:37

Thanks everyone. Will check out probiotics. Have been told to try and make yoghurt etc out of nutramigen. At the mo ds is nit keen. hopefullly ds will grow out of it soon.

mumalone Fri 10-Jun-05 17:48:25

My friends ds 3 is lactose intolarant he does not get a rash but he is sick if he has anything that contains the slightest trace of milk. She now has him on soya milk etc. It is hard work for his mum having to check every label and packet. He loves alpro soya yogurts perhaps try them.

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