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Health care Plans

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athomeagain Sat 05-Sep-09 20:39:13

Hi we were waiting for ages for an appointment with the school health nurse to write up our plan as our DD has severe food allergies .We went to a meeting with her giving her all of the information we needed on it.she sent it (the plan)back with most of it blank and with wrong dates of birth and telephone numbers on it .

We have finally got a meeting with the school head on Tuesday but K starts school on Thursday so we are rapidly trying to produce a plan from scratch we know what we want on it but we are stuck in how to phrase things so it doesn't put her in a awkward situation and won't know how the school normally deals with allergies until the meeting when we need to give them the plan!

This is the bit that I seem to be most stuck on.

I have so far got for the lunchtime bit.

At Lunchtimes K will need to be reminded to wash her hands before lunch ,be sat at a thoroughly cleaned table and be checked that she has her own lunch box.The children on her table should not be eating her allergens and all should be reminded that there is a no sharing policy,so that everyone only eats their own food ,If for example she drops her spoon some one would need to wash it for her so she does not pick up any traces of allergen from the floor.

I am worried that they will not find anyone for her to sit with and she will end up stuck on a table on her own.

Also is this to strong?

Daily Care Requirements
K has been diagnosed with the following known allergies: EGGS, PEANUTS, NUTS, SESAME.

This means avoiding both touch, ingestion and proximity of any food that contains, may contain or may contain traces of any of these items or related foods,as K has reacted in these circumstances.
: Attached is a full 'Foods to Avoid' list

Does anyone else have a good plan that works?I am going round in circles and still haven't even started with clothes labelling etc!!

bridewolf Thu 10-Sep-09 17:43:11

i worry about the close proxmity thing..............its that really required?

how would you like the school to react if they discover that your child has sat next to a child with food containing allergens?

would it be distressing for your child, if other children were moved away from her?

would she loose the chance to sit next to friends of her own choosing, unlike everyone else?

do you want a seperate area for her to eat in at lunch time?

for this action you have to consider the following ,

is this the best way to cope with the risk of a reaction, balanced with the mental stress of future worrying about sitting next to others with food that has your allergens, and sense of isolation , if this is not carried out in a sensitive mannor?

my son has many allergies, and was able to sit with anyone he choose at school without any contact reactions for his entire lunch times at school.

children are as a rule not encouraged to swop food at school.

just giving you 'food for thought' !

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