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Journo rang to talk about allergies - we were in A&E!

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bobbybob Wed 01-Jun-05 19:55:22

I took ds out for lunch so that dh could rest after his hernia operation.

Ds ate stuff he's eaten before (except he pinched 3 strands of raw cabbage (no dressing). In the car on the way home his breathing got laboured, by the time I reached home he was red from head to foot (like sunburn, even the whites of his eyes)and floppy. Threw some Zyrtec into him and turned the car around.

Spent 3 hours under observation and he had some Prednisol (sp?) to prevent a delayed reaction.

He has had a big sleep and seems heaps better (talking now) but still bright red in places.

Chandra Wed 01-Jun-05 20:07:15

I'm sorry to hear that , what have you been told by the doctor?

bobbybob Wed 01-Jun-05 20:10:26

Just learnt that the eyes are called "allergic conjunctivitis".

Chandra Wed 01-Jun-05 20:26:29

Is the first time I heard of an allergy to cabbage, is it common?

Howdo you feel about speaking to the journalist?

bobbybob Wed 01-Jun-05 22:16:54

I'm not sure it was the cabbage, I will have to call the restaurant and ask about the other stuff he ate.

I wouldn't have wanted to talk to her yesterday, but now I've had a sleep I'm good to go. I've known about it for a week.

Saacsmum Wed 01-Jun-05 23:15:44

sorry to hear he is having a rough time bobbybob. Could the cabbage have come into contact with some that had dressing on it before it got to you, or perhaps egg had been served on the plate previously and there was enough trace left for him to react? Hope he is better soon and you narrow down the prob. we have a paed appoint at the hospital tomorrow so will hopefully get the rast done and find out what is going on with his appetite, or lack of one.

bobbybob Thu 02-Jun-05 02:04:53

We should get together again soon. I'll email you.

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