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Asthma flaring up again after about twelve good months - hayfever about?

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mooseloose Wed 02-Sep-09 09:17:25

He has been really good for twelve months, but now he is sounding hoarse and breathy. He is on pills - montelukast, which have made a huge difference, and his brown inhaler morn and night. The last time he was bad was last spring when hayfever kicked in.

Just wondered if snyone else had noticed a difference in the last week or so?

tinytalker Wed 02-Sep-09 10:42:41

It might be that he is also allergic to spores which will also cause hayfever symptoms. My dd had multiple allergies with hayfever, asthma, anaphylaxis. She is allergic to tree pollens which cause spring hayfever and spores (ferns, funghi etc.) which cause her autumnal hayfever! Poor kid.
The time is ripe for spores I'm afraid; still warm weather and damp.
Hope your ds isn't too bad with it.

mooseloose Wed 02-Sep-09 17:58:02

Thanks for reply - I have been a bit nasely too, which makes me think of hayfever!

I think piriton do a website that lists the pollens - i will have a look.

chegirl Wed 02-Sep-09 18:30:20

Hi, I know nothing about asthma but saw your post and it struck a chord.

My DS has severe atopic eczema. He is allergic to pollens. His skin has been quite good (for him) over the summer but it has begun to flare horribly this past week.

I think its the plants dying off and releasing their nasties. Spring is bad for him too.

Hope your DS copes ok.

EssieW Wed 02-Sep-09 18:43:16

I've been worse this week - so had been wondeirng about this myself. Don't usually get hayfever/asthma so bad but seems to be made worse by pregnancy in my case.

mooseloose Fri 04-Sep-09 18:09:36

Thanks for your replies girls. His eczema has falred too! He is ok - just coughing well!

brimfull Fri 04-Sep-09 18:17:39


ds has been virtually symptom free since he started on montekulast until this week

he's on prednisilone orally this week as he started coughing at the weekend and by wednesday he couldn't stop coughing at all.

weird I thought we'd cracked this asthma

mooseloose Fri 04-Sep-09 18:25:04

my ds is 7, and he has had 12 great months after starting on montelukast!
His finger tips are all cracked too!

LuluSkipToMyLou Fri 04-Sep-09 18:37:17

Don't know how old he is, but I do know that DS gets worse when he goes back to school after the summer, according to the consultant that's quite common.

mooseloose Fri 04-Sep-09 20:26:40

Thanks for replies - I feel more reassured now that there is a possible cause rather than it just being him taking a downturn from it.

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