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Ideas for wheat free meals please

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IlanaK Tue 01-Sep-09 21:49:48

From Monday I am going wheat free (also trying to eat healthy and diet at the same time).

What do you have for breakfast if you are wheat free? No bread obviously and most cereals seem to be wheat based. I don't fancy porridge at the moment - though it would be fine in winter.

Also, what about packed lunches? No sandwhiches, so what do you eat?


Jen2009 Tue 01-Sep-09 21:52:40

Hi -- One suggestion. We are keeping to a gluten free diet at home and we really like Genius Bread. Totally gluten free and delicious. They sell it at Tesco. The best gluten free bread out there. Good luck. Potatoes are good too when you feel like something starchy!

IlanaK Tue 01-Sep-09 22:04:08

Thanks. I was going to try to avoid bread completely for the dieting aspect as I normally put loads of butter on it!

Garfunkeling Tue 01-Sep-09 22:08:34

muesli for breakfast, or cornflakes?

Potato spaghetti (potato chopped into matchstick sized pieces, coated in a little oil and cooked on a baking sheet for 15 minutes) is lovely instead of pasta with tomato sauce, or as a carbonara.

Garfunkeling Tue 01-Sep-09 22:09:30

Sorry obviously that would be pretty rubbish for breakfast, or packed lunch!

How about making a load of rice salad.

LackaDAISYcal Tue 01-Sep-09 22:15:10

I am a coeliac, and love Doves Farm breakfast flakes (made from rice and buckwheat which unlike it's name, is actually no relation to wheat and is gluten free). Nature's Path Mesa sunrise flakes are good too. They are much £££ though, at about £2.50 a box shock

Lots of wheat free mueslis out there, or you could go to a healthfood store that sells loose stuff and make up your own muesli mix.

I often have a couple of rahsers of bacon with an egg and some grilled tomatoes.

Lunches are usually baked potatoes or gluten free bread sarnies (agree genius bread is...genius) or pasta salad (made with gluten free pasta) or rice salad.

Good Luck; it is quite a challenge to avoid wheat based products, especially when travelling or out for lunch!

MegBusset Tue 01-Sep-09 22:17:48

I was WF for a few years, tbh it is restrictive (and expensive!) and would not recommend unless you really have to for medical reasons!

Anyway, for breakfast I would have Pertwood Farm seed muesli (in most supermarkets), corn flakes, Oatibix and a lot of porridge!

For lunch I would have a lot of soups... Terence Stamp wheat-free bread is very nice. Quinoa or rice salads? Chick pea or lentil salads also v good for protein.

IlanaK Wed 02-Sep-09 17:18:41

Oatabix is a good idea - I like that. Not much of a fan of muesli. Lentil salad also a good idea for lunch thanks!

I am going WF as wheat sets of my IBS really badly. I am already dairy free for that reason, which does help, but wheat is doing me in so I really need to stop eating it.

MegBusset Wed 02-Sep-09 20:32:28

I went WF and DF as I had ulcerative colitis -- within a couple of weeks the symptoms had practically vanished and they never really came back (I was luckily able to reintroduce both wheat and dairy over time without symptoms recurring). Hope it works for you too

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