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farleys rusk for dairy/soya intolerant baby?

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MummieGee Sun 30-Aug-09 07:10:11

My DS (10months) is soya and dairy intolerant. I've had to give up both things as they were affecting him through my milk.

I have seen that Farleys rusks and Farleys low sugar rusks don't have milk in them but are made in a factory that uses milk.

Has anyone with a similiarly intolerant baby tried them successfully, or is the disclaimer actually saying, 'avoid, avoid' in a sneaky way?

Thanks for any help.

gina84uk Sun 30-Aug-09 20:45:05

hi mummiegee i had the same problim with my son i didn't brest feed when he was born i used sma gold but for the first 4 weeks he cried non stop i took him to a&e just in case there was something wrong they told me colic same with midwife and health visitors but to me he alway looked hungry i took him to my gp she gave me nutramigin milk (i think that is how you spell it) i got it on a friday by tuseday he was so quite i thought something was wrong i took him back to gp they said it was because he was alergic to dairy milk and that milk was settling his stomach so i had to watch what i was buying for him but as he got older i just keept trying diffrent foods
with rusks i just gave him normal rusks it did not bother him. i mixed it with his owen milk when he was 10 months he got a yogurt a day just to get him used to proper milk but i dont think it will matter what rusk you try him with as the health visitor always told me to keep trying every so often.
my brother son is the same he is 9 months but they are trying him with yogurts now to and he seems fine but it is trial and error just give a little bit of rusk everyday to see and gradualy give more
i hope this helps xxx

simpson Mon 31-Aug-09 21:59:52

My 18mth old DD is intolerant to dairy and soya and recently oats.

She is on neocate FF still.

I have been giving her farleys rusks quite recently again TBH (ie in the last fortnight for her to eat as a biscuit) as they have added calcium in and want to keep her levels up iyswim.

She has encountered no problems at all with them smile

Hope you have no problems with it but guess its all trial and error sad

TBH have tried a few things that say "made in factory which handles milk" have had no problems yet!! <hopeful>

sazm Mon 31-Aug-09 22:03:35

don't know much about allergies,but do ou know there is LOTS of sugar in rusks, my HV told me to avoid them totally

simpson Mon 31-Aug-09 22:20:10

Yes unfortunately the sugar content is very high sad

simpson Mon 31-Aug-09 22:22:35

Grr posted message before finished blush

Think if child is not getting fromage frais or chocolate (ie dairy) that rusk will be ok.

<<thats what I tell myself anyway!!>>

thisisyesterday Mon 31-Aug-09 22:25:23

my intolerant baby had one or 2. bt tbh they aren't great due to the sugar content.
they aren't really necessary IMO, other things you can give

AcademicMum Mon 31-Aug-09 22:54:08

We give them sometimes to ds2 without problems. Although the sugar content is high, I tend to go for the attitude that in moderation it is fine. (Grapes and many fruits also have a shockingly high sugar content too). As others have said they have added calcium and in dairy-free children, this can be the biggest risk in their diets. There are other things you can give, but of course this can be said for most things and so long as you are not feeding a ton per day I think they are fine.

MummieGee Tue 01-Sep-09 02:05:59

My DS is nearly 11 months. I know all about the sugar, but to be honest, his lack of calcium is more of a concern esp as he has nothing else with sugar in it - it's all fruit purees and sweet potatoes, etc.

Was going to try the rusks for breakfast as he is so bored of millet and won't eat it. Plain, with fruit puree or breast milk. He was keen on it with Neocate but he reacted to that so had to stop. He was fine with bagels but seems to be reacting to them now. Gets a reaction from oats and is uninterested in cornflakes. Gets a reaction from rice so I can't give him rice krispies for the added vitamins. Am at a loss what to do, really, sad so think a little sugar won't hurt.

For two days I've gone to give them to him but chickened out - first cos of the milk thing, then wasn't sure what the 'vegetable oil' was and if it was potentially soya oil. Tried their helpline but couldn't get through. Will try again tomorrow and see if my nerve holds!

Thanks for the replies.
MG x

simpson Tue 01-Sep-09 15:15:27

How is he with wheat?

DD has shreddies for breakfast (well tesco equivalent) with her neocate.

They stay solid for ages and she picks them up with fingers and has sliced banana with it.

Breakfast is the hardest meal I find, so I feel your pain!! grin

Not saying don't give rusk for breakfast BTW!!

DD had her first dentist appt last wk and dentist said her adult teeth will most likely be weaker due to not getting as much calcium sad

That was when I started to give her the odd rusk as it contains nearly 20% of daily guideline.

thisisyesterday Tue 01-Sep-09 21:12:17

mummiegee, if it's the calcium yo're worried about then there are plenty of other ways to get it into him!

1.) your breastmilk
2.) other fortified milks (oat/rice milk for example)
3.) sardines or other soft fish where you eat the bones
4.) green leafy veg (kale, spring greens etc and also peas and broccoli i believe)
5.) sesame seeds
6.) lots of white beans inc baked beans
7.) calcium fortified fruit juices

oat milk contains as much calcium as regular milk, so my intolerant baby just has that (as well as a good vegan diet!)

simpson Tue 01-Sep-09 21:32:33

if you are worried you can get a calcium supplement from dietician which is like a syrup although my DD reacted to that too sad

But some positive news!! I gave DD a yogurt today for the first time since she was 8mths old with no real problems (under dieticians supwervision I have to add!!)

<<dances round room>>

MummieGee Tue 01-Sep-09 22:53:28

Simpson: thanks for the suggestion, I might try the shreddies from Tesco. He seems fine with wheat. In fact, he seems fine with everything that I delayed introducing (wheat, meat, spices) and early stuff like bananas, quinoa, oats and rice he can't seem to take any more. Really pleased for you with the yoghurt - can't wait for that day!! I will ask the doctor tomorrow about a supplement.

thisis: thanks for the list. But, as stated earlier he can't take oats or rice so those milks are out. Am also waiting until he's a year to introduce fish and seasame seeds to minimise chance of reactions. He has at least three serves of veg and fruit (peas and usually broccoli) a day, and is a bit hit and miss with beans. But, I just wanted something with nutrients for a change for him so he'll actually eat it. Will try the fruit juices.

Thanks to you all for the info.
MG x

thisisyesterday Wed 02-Sep-09 20:01:54

oops sorry! i actually rad that too and somehow managed to miss the whole bit where you said about the oats and rice, i blame the baby brain! lol

AcademicMum Wed 02-Sep-09 22:14:02

Have you tried weetabix? These are great for absorbing an enormous amount of neocate (or whichever formula you use) and so can really help boost the amount you get in in a day. Also look on the neocate website and cow and gate website, both have recipes for use with hypoallergenic formula which can give some good ideas. Neocate have a recipe for low allergen rusks. The link to the neocate booklet is here

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