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9 month old with Diary intolerance now refusing milk/neocate

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Cokie Thu 20-Aug-09 22:30:20

My 9mth old LO is intolerant to a whole list of things including Diary and Soya and has been happily on Neocate since he was 6 months old but over the last week he is just refusing it. I am lucky if I get him to have 7 oz over the course of a day. He will take maybe 5 or 6oz first thing in the morning probably because he is hungry but he generally will not have any milk at 2.30 or before bed. He eats 3 meals a day although even his appetite has gone down too and he is probably eating half the quanity of solids that he was - however, he seems generally fine health wise so I don't think he ill or anything. I am starting to panic as I know the RDA is about 20oz of milk and I can't supplement with other diary like cheese and yoghurt (esp since soya intolerant too). I have tried giving it via doidy cup, and sippy but no luck!

Has anyone else experienced this refusal to drink milk?? What did you do?

leo1978 Thu 20-Aug-09 22:34:30

My child was allergic to formula milk and had only soya milk but would NEVER drink it! It had to be in cereal or custard or mixed in normal mushy foods. He grew out of it though and by 1 was eating yogurt and full fat milk. He still (aged 2) will not drink milk though. Sorry - not sure if this helps.

AcademicMum Sun 23-Aug-09 00:03:51

If he'll drink 5-6oz first thing in the morning, you could then give breakfast of e.g. weetabix with another 2-3oz (one weetabix soaks up an enormous amount!) - this would then be 8-9 oz. Mix some in with lunch and dinner (1 or 2 scoops with each mushed in), which makes 10-14oz in a day and things like custard made with neocate, rice-pud made with neocate (or e.g. calcium enriched oat milk will also help calcium intake) or, I discovered a few days ago if you puree up strawberries/blueberries with neocate it gets a strangely thick consistency a bit like yoghurt. You can also make ice-cream with neocate and thick shakes went down well with ds2. It does require a bit of imagination if he won't drink the stuff, but it's not impossible. The neocate website has some good ideas and a recipe book which is quite nice.

If you have a problem getting him to take in more than this after that then speak to your dietician about a calcium supplement.

In all probability he's just had a bit of a change e.g. teething, learnt a new skill etc which has put him off eating for a bit and in a few days he'll be back to normal.

simpson Wed 26-Aug-09 12:04:36

My DD (18mths) is dairy, soya, oats intolerant and has been on neocate since she was 10mths old and regularly goes through phases like this.

As somebody else suggested breakfast is the key time to get the most milk in.

I give DD her morning bottle in her room while dressing/changing bum etc as once she is downstairs she won't touch it and wants food iyswim.

The afternoon bottle she takes more if she is out and about in the buggy so I try and give it to her then.

Bedtime bottle is a bit hit and miss blush and more often than not only has 2 ozs or so.

Cokie Thu 27-Aug-09 21:59:58

I think we are getting back on track so thanks for the advice. DS is also wheat, soya, oats, egg, nut, diary, sesame intolerant so I really need him to take his milk! He downed 8oz this morning and although he still is not drinking much at bedtime he is certainly having some which is better than point blank refusal which we have had in previous week - it must just be a phase...

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