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GPs fobbed me off twice, but its not ok!

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PebbleLilly Fri 27-May-05 21:19:48

My DD had a gastro infection months ago. Ever since she has not had a solid poo. All that comes out is paste. I have changed her formula, and she does not eat the same food every day. It does not make a difference if she is at home for the weekend or at nursery.

I know she is teething, but surely it`s not so persistant.

Has anyone experienced somethng similar?

NotQuiteCockney Fri 27-May-05 21:27:27

My DS1 often has runny-ish poos. But he's not generally unwell, I think this is just normal for his age.

WigWamBam Fri 27-May-05 21:31:58

How old is she, PebbleLilly? A lot of toddlers go through this.

toomanypushchairs Fri 27-May-05 21:32:41

How old is you dd pebblelilly?

PebbleLilly Fri 27-May-05 21:41:21

She`s almost 15 month and this lasted for almost two months. Before she didn`t have anything like this.

Twiglett Fri 27-May-05 21:43:28

I am confused about what you mean by 'a solid poo' as opposed to paste?

do you mean like poo shaped as opposed to smeared along the nappy?

WigWamBam Fri 27-May-05 21:44:29

At that age, none of my dd's poos were solid.

spod Fri 27-May-05 21:45:38

Message deleted

Twiglett Fri 27-May-05 21:46:49

I always thought that solid poo for a toddler normally means they aren't drinking enough

PebbleLilly Fri 27-May-05 21:47:12

No shaped poo was ever found in a nappy lately. It is like a nice runny smoothy. It goes all over her back and up her tummy. It is a real effort to change her. The GP told me to be happy because if she was constipated then I would complain about that...

PebbleLilly Fri 27-May-05 21:48:10

Spod, how long did you have this?

spod Fri 27-May-05 21:49:03

Message deleted

misdee Fri 27-May-05 21:49:15

pebblelilly, my dd2 has never had a solid poo in her life.

spod Fri 27-May-05 21:50:50

Message deleted

PebbleLilly Fri 27-May-05 21:51:26

So, you seem to suggest all is ok?! I started to think that they give her some awfull fod at nursery... (bacon rashes on the table in nursery yesterday as DP found her eating only apple )

PebbleLilly Fri 27-May-05 21:52:40

I find food and drink to make no difference, and bouncing on is .... oh, well... again; no difference

PebbleLilly Fri 27-May-05 21:53:31

misdee, has your DD got some allergies, what did docs say?

spod Fri 27-May-05 21:54:06

Message deleted

Twiglett Fri 27-May-05 21:54:21

I'm sorry PebbleLilly, I actually find it very difficult to understand your sentences so don't actually get what you just posted

But solid poo in a baby / toddler is more abnormal than normal and I wouldn't worry about it

misdee Fri 27-May-05 21:55:53

she3 doesnt have food allergies. she does have some allergies but not to food. she was seen by paed as she was often sick as well, and they said it could be intolerences or she could frow out of it. so far she has stopped being sick, but poo is still paste-like.

spod Fri 27-May-05 21:56:17

Message deleted

PebbleLilly Fri 27-May-05 21:58:19

Sorry for my limited abilities to phrase sentences!

I was just wondering why she changed so much compared to when she was 8-13 months...

But it seems there`s nothing to worry about as you suggest

PebbleLilly Fri 27-May-05 21:59:50

Twiglett Fri 27-May-05 21:59:56

I agree, maybe you could try out different nappy brands too

Twiglett Fri 27-May-05 22:00:15

at perfectly formed sentences

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