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is this hydrocortisone too strong??!

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happyathome Mon 10-Aug-09 22:29:59

would appreciate advice.My DS is 7 months and been on hydrocortisone for his face/neck for 6 days now.was prescribed it for 2 weeks max.anyone else's baby had such strong cream for the face.has cleared it though nicely.rashes totally i have to reduce it gradually now though or would you just stop ?.am a bit worried.hope it doesn't damage face.was on 0.5% for a couple of courses,but no good.came back straight away.

Prosecco Mon 10-Aug-09 23:58:22

I would stop just now and see what happens. My ds had this and we were advised to put on a very thin layer, especially on the face as the tissue is so thin. Don't use more than necessary so no need to continue for 2 weeks.

brimfull Tue 11-Aug-09 00:07:25

My ds was on 1% at this age ,you can stop it when rash goes away .There is no need to reduce gradually.

My ds skin is fine ,no damage at all from the steroid cream use when he was younger.

happyathome Tue 11-Aug-09 11:44:20

thanks very much prosecco and have helped ease my mind.will stop the hydro today.rash still not come back so cross fingerssmile

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