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Has DS2 suddenly developed lactose intolerance?

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happypiglet Fri 07-Aug-09 14:12:50

Sorry for long post but v worried about DS2 (3.11).
For last 2 months he has had to go to the toilet for bowel movements at least 4 times a day often accompanied by explosive wind. I went to drs who weighed him and he has fallen from 25th to 9th percentile and his BMI has fallen to 13 which puts him underweight for his age. (In fact shockingly he has only put on 0.5kg in 10 months).
He is also tired a lot and still sleeps most afternoons (and he starts school in Sept)
The doctor has ruled out infection or virus via urine and stool samples and now wants to test for lactose intolerance (which involves me getting a stool sample to hospital within 30 mins of production- not quite sure how). He wants to avoid a blood test if he can as it would be traumatic for DS2.
Lactose intolerance is on both sides of family -extended only- my brother and DH's cousins- but he believes that is the most likely option.
What I don't understand is why he has suddenly developed symptoms when he was fine (if a bit skinny) before. He was BF as a baby and we had no issues when I introduced solids at 6m- he kept climbing his 25th line... Why would he suddenly develop it?
I feel really bad for not noticing his weight loss seing him every day I just didn't 'see' it. But now I look properly he looks alomst 'wasted'
Any insights/ experiences gratefuly received.

tatt Fri 07-Aug-09 22:34:10

After the stool sample try a lactose free diet and see if it helps. It could also be coeliac, in fact it sounds more like that than lactose. As a possible alternative to gluten and dairy free you could try giving him peptizyde. That is a combination of enzymes that help digestion. It's expensive, only available via the net but could improve his health a lot.

Lactose intolerance can and often does develop after an infection. It may then be only temporary but temporary can be many months.

happypiglet Sat 08-Aug-09 15:31:38

Thank you. Hoping to get result next week. Really hoping it is lactose and not gluten- somehow seems easier to be lactose free then gluten free...
Just want him to feel better

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