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wb - are you around? more news for you on IgE and densensitization

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BlueBumedFly Wed 05-Aug-09 19:32:43

Hi wb - as promised more info for you.

SDDs IgE did go down but not far enough which is really odd as she tolerated the 30 peanuts.

So, the next stage is how to exit obviously, we go merrily along for the next 6 months on 5 a day, then take a clean month, no nuts at all, then IgE tests again. Then, maybe desensitize again but it would be much quicker and so on and so forth until a resolution it found I guess.

It is all so ground breaking we are just going with the flowing and enjoying the next 6 months of zero restrictions!!

Hope you are well xx

tatt Thu 06-Aug-09 09:11:31

Not wb - but interested to see this anyway. It is odd - I've forgotten if she is allergic to anything else now?

BlueBumedFly Thu 06-Aug-09 22:05:57

Hiya tatt, always good to hear from you! I know , very odd. Her hayfever is still present and fluffy animal allergy still strong but no nut issues at all, tree or ground. Soya also fine although she was never allergic just intolerant.

madrehayunasola Thu 06-Aug-09 22:22:20

Just so happy to read all about this BBF, gives me hope that more children will be able to get rid of this horrible allergy. Tell your daughter that so many people support her! Do you know if they do the treatment for tree nuts, or is it only peanuts? My DS is allergic to some of those .. and I dream with the day he could have this treatment...
Enjoy your free restrictions time!

BlueBumedFly Thu 06-Aug-09 22:32:47

Mad, i know the hospital is inundated but they do all sorts of allergens, he reckons you can desens to anything! Many thanks for your support xxxx

tatt Fri 07-Aug-09 08:11:42

Wonder if her peanut IgE will go down outside the hayfever season. If they react to anything they then seem to test positive for more things.

BlueBumedFly Fri 07-Aug-09 13:13:11

Its a thought Tatt, I know that allergens on top of allergens just keep raising the load. Here is hoping!! At the moment its still great, not sure about the month off thou! Scary stuff.

tatt Fri 07-Aug-09 22:35:56

Yes I'd be nervous about that too - but you still have the epipens I think? And if she survives the month off and is till Ok it will be a real comfort.

wb Sat 08-Aug-09 21:20:52

Escaped dcs and dh and snuck off to the computer - phew.

Thanks for the update BBF - interesting yet strangely mystifying - just like most of the immune system I guess (did a bit of immunology at uni 20 years back but found it very ??? then too).

In 50 years I bet they can explain all this then we can all look at each other and go 'oh yeah, of course!'

BlueBumedFly Sat 08-Aug-09 21:34:03

Hi wb, good snucking!! Yup, it's all very odd. SDD seems well so we are going to hold tight for the next six months. So far she has had marzipan with no odd affects and all labelled/contaminated food. All good.

I would love to blast forward 50 years too get the answers to help. It's all very odd.

Doctor has now decided to check dd who is 2 for peanuts as she was stung by a wasp this week and we had a bit of a scare. Here we go again .....

BlueBumedFly Sat 08-Aug-09 21:36:37

Tatt, yes we still have the epipens, i think better safe than sorry xx

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