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Going to collect my 1st epipen tomorrow any advice or questions to ask the nurse.

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jellyjelly Wed 05-Aug-09 14:22:43

I started a new thread the other day under health. I went to my doctors today who said my symptoms sounded like i had an allergic reaction and to call the docotrs nurse and get an appointment so I did and its in 2 weeks time.

I spoke to her an explained my symptoms and she said i am going into anaphylaxis shock when i eat certain things and she is taking a blood test tomorrow as well as training me on epipens and how to give it to myself.

She said eat plain english food and dont eat anything else as i might be allergic to nuts. (had major reaction after eating take aways )

I have heard that some people should have two epipens.

I dont know when a reaction needs to be refered to A and E.

Any adivce is appreciated.


whomovedmychocolate Wed 05-Aug-09 20:58:10

She will show you how to use it - you need to train anyone who is likely to be with you in an emergency but they are very easy to use. In most cases I think you still need to go to hospital - not least because you need a new epipen and maybe a second dose.

Ask whether it expires, how to travel with it, who can administer it, should you be wearing a medi-alert bracelet etc.

Good luck, I hope you manage to figure out what you are allergic too - it must be a majorly scary exercise eating anything not knowing what will set you off

jellyjelly Wed 05-Aug-09 21:00:46

I hadnt thought about who could give it and about the medi alert.

All the info that i have read does not say when to give it.

bruxeur Wed 05-Aug-09 21:00:59

Make sure you're clear which end is which before you go away with it.

The number of white thumbs I've seen...

Also - if you've used it you MUST attend A+E.

jellyjelly Wed 05-Aug-09 21:24:10

Does anything happen to the thumbs - does it still work?

bruxeur Thu 06-Aug-09 03:18:21

Does what still work - the thumb, the epipen or the effect of the adrenaline?

tatt Thu 06-Aug-09 09:23:42

white thumbs aren't normally a serious problem for the person who has accidentally injected themself, although it's better to go to a&e and have them inject something to relieve any pain. However it's more serious for the person who didn't get the adrenaline and is one reason for carrying 2 pens. Two pens are needed in a minority of cases and sometimes people have a lot more adrenaline that that.

Adrenaline doesn't always reverse a reaction, especially if not used fast enough, so you need to know what to avoid eating. That means proper tests from a consultant not a nurse.

They have a limited life - typically 8 months to 14 months but some people are fobbed off with ones that only last 2 months. The date is printed on the packaging. You need to know how to check it's ok (not cloudy), how to store it (not in a fridge), how and when to administer (Anaphylaxis Campaign DVD probably better than any training you will get), what to do next (put old cork on end of needle to stop anyone pricking their thumb, sit calmly while someone else summons help), that there is a risk of a secondary reaction 4 hours later.

Come and visit for the other advice you'll need - like what food and cosmetics are safest and where to get insurance and translations for holidays.

jellyjelly Thu 06-Aug-09 12:24:41

Thankyou very much Tatt, very helpful. She has said she doesnt know what is causing the reaction just that something is and its giving me anaphylaxis and that i cant eat things like sauces and spices as that is the common theme with everything i have eaten.

She said i should keep a food diary and not eat at chinese etc until I know what it is.

She told me when to give the epipen and showed my son how to use it too. He calls it the happy pen which i think is very cute.

I just want to know why i feel so exhausted after the last attack?? Anyone?

I will go and check the date on the pen now.

She did say that the appointment with the consultant allegist will take along time to come and that its away from my local area.

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