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oral allergy syndrome - any need for avoidance?

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geekgirl Sun 02-Aug-09 08:37:59

Dd1 (10) is allergic to grass, Birch pollen and house dustmites.
Unfortunately she has now also developed oral allergy syndrome connected to the Birch pollen allergy and gets a very itchy mouth/throat/inside of ears as a result of eating fresh apple, cherry or nectarine. She had a lot of problems with chronic diarrhoea and hives until recently, and I wonder whether this was connected and the symptoms have just changed to this now...?! hmm

She loves all those fruits - do we need to avoid them or would it be ok to continue eating them if she takes an antihistamine tablet?

Should I be taking her to the GP? She attended the allergy clinic at the hospital in January where she had the skin prick tests for the usual stuff, but not for any food allergens. They sent her away with antihistamines and steroid nasal spray (as the nasal congestion was the worst problem at that time). I never did take her for the diarrhoea (even though it went on for a year blush) as it was so completely random and we never managed to pin it down to one particular food.

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