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Digestive enzymes for gluten intolerant (not coeliac)

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tatt Fri 31-Jul-09 22:37:04

As we've been away I've been trying Peptizyde enzymes (one per gluten containing meal) as an alternative to a completely GF diet. I've survived 3 weeks without brain fog or chronic fatigue and just one upset stomach (which could have been forgetting to take the tablets or salmonella from a runny egg). So these are more effective than Biocare Glutenzyme plus. For the time being I've gone back to a GF diet but I may try them again when I've recovered from jet-lag and have more chance of remembering them.

I know there are others here who are not diagnosed as coeliac but feel better on a GF diet and thought you might be interested.

tkband3 Fri 31-Jul-09 22:40:26

tatt, following on from your advice on my other thread re DD1, I went to my local health shop to get the Biocare Glutenzyme, but they said they needed to order it. SIL tried her local Holland and Barrett but they didn't have it either.

I've ordered it from my local shop, so will hopefully get it tomorrow, but wondered where you get the Peptizyde enzymes, in case I can order these for her as well.

tatt Sat 01-Aug-09 06:00:50

This is where I bought Peptizyde but there are a few other (online) places now. I don't know if a health food store would order it in for you. I have seen Biocare in a couple of health food stores (possibly Holland & Barrett?) so thought you might be able to get that. Please be aware that these are not suitable for coeliacs to take as a substitute for a gluten free diet, only if you have been accidentally exposed or are worried about possible contamination. There is a possibility that better digestive enzymes can be developed that may one day help coeliacs.

I've had a negative coeliac blood test but gluten makes me feel ill. Trying Peptizyde was part of a trial to see if I needed to have a biopsy to totally rule out coeliac.

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