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Should I worry - question on coeliac disease

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tkband3 Thu 30-Jul-09 21:07:04

DD1 (6) has coeliac disease. She has been at a holiday club at her school this week, run by 2 teachers - one of whom she knows quite well, one of whom she's not had any contact with before.

The one she doesn't know handed out some bourbon biscuits today and DD1 initially said she didn't think she would be allowed to have one, but as she is used to having the Trufree bourbon biscuits, when she saw it, she assumed it was ok and ate it.

She was fine this afternoon, but complained of tummy ache at bedtime - this is not particularly unusual in itself, as she is going through a bit of a phase of coming down after bedtime and claiming tummy ache. It was only then that she told me that she'd eaten this biscuit.

I'm quite surprised - she is normally very good about asking if things are gluten-free, so we've had a chat about how important it is to always ask if she's offered something by someone who doesn't know her very well.

But this is the first time any of my children (all 3 are coeliac) has knowingly ingested gluten since their diagnosis (DD1 was diagnosed over 3 years ago) so I'm concerned about what effect this will have on her - particularly as she is going for a long-awaited (by her and me smile) sleepover at my brother's this weekend.

Should I worry? Should I cancel the weekend just in case she is ill?

tatt Fri 31-Jul-09 07:22:00

wouldn't cancel the weekend but she may have more stomache pains and maybe diarrhoea. If you can get to a health food store and get Biocare Glutenzyme plus they would help reduce symptoms. Peptizyde would be better but probably not available locally.

tkband3 Fri 31-Jul-09 10:23:45

Thank you. Will warn my brother and try to get to a health food place today.

becstarlitsea Fri 31-Jul-09 10:28:11

I wouldn't cancel weekend either. Biocare Glutenzyme is a good idea. I was also once recommended to eat bananas after accidentally eating gluten - don't know if it really works but it always helps me feel like I'm doing something! It might be worth giving her a multivitamin for a while so that she doesn't get run down - when I have gluten I tend to get deficiencies & rubbish immunity to infections.

tkband3 Fri 31-Jul-09 13:32:20

Thank you for the tip re bananas. The girls do have multi-vits, but tend to go in phases of remembering them and I haven't remembered for a while, so will pack some for the weekend.

Not a great time for her immune system to be compromised! And DH is away in Singapore for 3 weeks, so I'm on my own if anything happens.

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