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Allergic to Sweet Potato?

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Frangipani74 Wed 22-Jul-09 20:23:02

My 8month old twins seem to be allergic to sweet potato. Three times in the last month they've both vomitted up a couple of hours after evening meal, at exactly the same time. On two occasions they have both had sweet potato for tea.

Has anyone else had this, is it common?

They seem to have other mild intolerances, rashes with dairy, a little vomitting with gluten. I've spoken to health visitor about the dairy thing, should I go and see doctor about this?

MummieGee Wed 22-Jul-09 21:27:28

I suppose it can't hurt to see the doctor about the dairy thing. Are they bottle fed? If so, then the doctor may suggest you trying another formula, as well. But you could go just to put your mind at rest.

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